Housekeep Loves: Bloom & Wild

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Housekeep Loves: Bloom & Wild

London is teeming with entrepeneurs and start ups catering to all kinds of customers with a diverse range of products and services. Now it's easier than ever to organise easy storage (Spaceways), find a car when you feel like hitting the road (Zipcar) or get your dry cleaning picked up and delivered just in time for the weekend's events (Lavanda).

Here at Housekeep, we love finding out what makes each start up we partner with unique, and how they are making a name for themselves in our beautiful city. This month we got in touch with our friends over at Bloom & Wild, to see how they're changing flower delivery in London...


What makes Bloom & Wild different?

We're committed to making sending and receiving flowers simply beautiful. On the sending side, our customers can order in seconds via our iPhone app or our mobile-friendly website - our simple set of flower options makes this even easier. Our unique letterbox-friendly boxes means that receiving our flowers is as easy as receiving a letter. All this, coupled with great attention to detail with our packaging and a commitment to customer delight, means that Bloom & Wild is rapidly becoming our customers' most loved flower brand.


What is the company culture at Bloom & Wild? 

We're still a small company at the moment, with 8 team members in our studio in Chelsea, but we're growing all the time! We've just come out of a few big peaks, including Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, so it's been all hands on deck, but it's a great atmosphere when the whole team pulls together. 


How did Bloom & Wild grow so quickly?

People who have never heard of us before can receive our flowers as a gift, which has really helped our growth. Our reviews have also been really influential. We're currently the UK's highest rated flower gifting company, with thousands of 5* reviews from our lovely customers which has helped encourage new customers to give us a try. Word of mouth - in real life and on social networks - has really given us a boost too! 


What are the success stories of Bloom & Wild Marketing?

We've found that teaming up with other start-ups and forming partnerships has worked really well for us, whether an online collaboration or working together on an event. 


If the Bloom & Wild brand was a person, what type of person would they be? 

Sophisticated, elegant and with a love of little luxuries! 


So if you're looking to surprise that special someone why not visit Bloom & Wild? Order their unique through the letterbox flowers, you'll see why they're growing so fast.

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