Housekeep Loves: On-Demand Massage

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Housekeep Loves: On-Demand Massage

We live in a world of on-demand. Everything we could possibly wish for is right at our fingertips. With cashless payment and intuitive apps, life is getting easier by the minute. But how do you separate one on-demand service from the next? 

At Housekeep, we believe a clean house and a clean mind are intertwined. That's why we're love how London startup Urban Massage are revolutionising massage therapy. With benefits including decreased anxiety levels, enhanced sleep quality, greater energy and improved concentration, Urban Massage delivers on-demand massage treatments by qualified therapists.

We spoke with Claire Nash, the Head of Marketing, about where the idea came from and how they plan to change the world of on-demand massage therapy...

Where did the idea for Urban Massage come from?

With a wave of change sweeping over consumer behaviour, it became apparent to Urban Massage’s CEO, Jack, that there was a need for an on-demand mobile massage service when he discovered that none of the existing service providers offered a succinct booking process that gave customers the opportunity to choose a convenient treatment time for them.‚Äč

How is Urban Massage revolutionising the massage industry?

There are no other service providers that give you the ability to book and enjoy an "at-home" therapist appoinment in as little time as 60 minutes. We’re here for our customers when they need us the most, whether that be after a stressful day at work, a hard-core workout at the gym, or a nice lazy Sunday afternoon!

What makes Urban Massage different to other on-demand services?

Booking a treatment is quick and convenient – it takes 30 seconds through the Urban Massage website, apps or by calling 020 3051 9021 – and confirmation that the therapist can attend is instant. By fully assessing and vetting the therapists, we work with customers so they can be sure they are booking a qualified and insured professional.

If your tempted to try Urban Massage, you can get £10 off your first treatment! All you need to do is enter Promo Code P-HOUSE when you checkout! Offer valid until Sunday 31stMay. T&Cs apply.



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