The Top 20 Home Decor Blogs of 2015

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The Top 20 Home Decor Blogs of 2015

"The details are not the details, they make the design" ~ Charles Eames

Here at Housekeep, we're a little obsessive about home improvements, and interior design... So much so, that we're constantly looking for the newest trends, colours and styles in interiors.

So, with only 2 weeks until the New Year arrives, we're sharing our pick of the Top 20 Home Decor blogs of 2015 (with most from the UK!) 


Flaunting design styles from minimalist, to vintage, to rustic to industrial - we've created this list for you to use as a go-to-guide whenever you need a little interior inspiration...


1. Ems Design Blogg

Facebook - 35.6k   Pinterest - 132k

Em Fexeus is an interior design blogger focusing on soft minimalism and scandinavian style. Based in Stokholm, Em's blog has been up and running since 2005, and her clean and simple approach to design oozes luxury, placing her at the top of our list for 2015.


2. One Good Thing by Jillee

Facebook - 149.4k  Pinterest - 340k

A close second is Jillee from One Good Thing, who shares her wisdom on all things home improvement. In fact, she also made our list of the best home cleaning bloggers earlier this year. Jillee's simple DIY tricks and organizational hacks are perfect for helping you save money on the little things, so you can spend your money on those more luxurious pieces, without feeling guilty!


3. Bodie and FOU Design

Facebook - 22.3k    Pinterest - 53.4k

Karine Candice Kong brings her unique french, chic style to the table in our go-to interiors blog - Bodie and Fou. As the creative director of the Bodie and Fou store, her simple & sophisticated approach to fashion is mirrored in her inspiration for home decor, mixing high-street designer pieces with vintage treasures.


4. Abigail Ahern

Facebook - 13.4k    Instagram - 18.4k

Designer, retailer and best-selling author Abigail Ahern is a national treasure when it comes to home decor and design inspiration. We can't get enough of the incredible House Crush section on her blog, where she gives us a sneek peak into some of the most incredible homes all over the world - from Byron Bay, to Brooklyn. A must-read when you're thinking about renovations or redesign.


5. Mad About The House

Twitter - 20.7k     Pinterest - 188.1k

A former property and interiors journalist for The Independent and The Financial Times, Kate Watson-Smyth shows us that you can use interesting and unusual items to decorate your home without it looking tacky, by chanelling a Modern Rustic feel. Her knowledge of property and interiors gives Mad About The House a unique edge, mixing interior design inspiration with property information on beautifully designed UK properties.


6. A Quiet Style

Instagram - 69.4k   Pinterest - 348.4k

Emma Harris, a mother of two living in Brighton, has a very simple, unique style when it comes to home decor. Her clean, quiet asthetic has a scandinavian feel to it, and the lovely distribution of her inspiring home decor ideas across her Found, Made and Styled categories shows you how to find and create a quiet, soft minimalism in your home.


7. Dear Designer

Twitter - 24.3k   Pinterest - 11.7k

Carole King's home decor and design blog, or her "library or loveliness" as she calls it, is pure heaven. With an incredible mix of interior trends and design styles, Carole doesn't focus on one particular theme - but instead uses her experience as an interior designer to share inspiring images from beautiful homes, each with their own unique style.


8. Fall for DIY

Instagram - 13k    Pinterest - 597.6k

Whilst we're not the biggest fans of DIY home decor, we make an exception for the incredibly talented Francesca, who seems to take the tacky element out of DIY completely. Her simply designed interior accessories and home accents have made us rethink the world of DIY, and may mean that this holidays we pick up the scissors and the glue...


9. The Design Sheppard

Twitter - 13.1k     Pinterest - 320k

A freelance design writer and blogger from Devon, Stacey Sheppard  has created the perfect blog for those of you looking for design inspiration when renovating in the UK. Our favourite part of the blog is the Design Shop - where Stacey lists her favourite home decorations and where to buy them from, so you can easily emulate the incredible design ideas she shares on the blog.


10. Design Hunter

Twitter - 11k     Pinterest - 203.9k

"We believe in buying less, but buying better" - Helen Powell, the freelance writer, editor and blogger behind the award-winning blog Design Hunter, has a strong focus on understated luxury. Her minimalist style and appreciation of objects simplistic in their design make this blog one of our favourite for home decor inspiration.


11. Love Chic Living

Twitter - 8.7k    Pinterest - 996.4k

Jen Stanbrook's love of interiors and home decor shines through in this colourful blog. With a focus on creating a stylish home that doesn't break th ebank, Jen's eclectic style and love of colour make Love Chic Living one of our favourite blogs to read on a rainy day.


12. Pippa Jameson Interiors

Facebook - 2.9k    Twitter - 16.5k

You may recognise the name Pippa Jameson, as she's been featured as an interior stylist on two UK TV shows, The Hotel Inspector & The Fixer, sharing her interiors wisdom. We're over the moon she still takes time to share her insider tips on interior design and home decor through the blog. In fact, she's also got an amazing shop where she has curated handpicked collections to help you style your home. A must-read for anyone looking for inspiration on redecorating.


13. Confessions of a Design Geek

Instagram - 6.2k    Pinterest - 5.6k

Katie Treggiden is a self-proclaimed design geek, obsessed with all things interiors. Starting the blog after a colleague saw her turn down Friday night drinks for a private view of hand-printed wallpaper, our favourite part of this blog has to be Out & About. An insiders view into European pop up art spaces, design festivals and flower shows - Katie loves all things design, so regardless of your taste, this blog will provide you with the home decor inspiration you need.


14. The Art of Bespoke

Facebook - 6.7k   Pinterest - 1.9k

Although the blog has seemingly gone silent in the latter part of this year, this collaboration of some of the UK's best designers, stylists and home decorators is a great source of inspiration. Featuring writers including Stacey from The Design Sheppard and Katie from Confessions of a Design Geek, The Art os Bespoke combines inspiration with a directory of home improvement professionals, so you can search through portfolios and contact designers directly.


15. Sophie Robinson

Facebook -1.6k     Twitter - 6.5k

Sophie Robinson is an interior design guru and a self-proclaimed cushion fanatic. Sophie's love of finding unique home decorations and working toward a way to make them 'hang together' is one of our favourite things about ths incredible blog. With endless colour scheme advice and information about the latest trends in interiors, we can't get enough of her vibrant and inspirational decor blog.


16. My Style Republic

Twitter - 2.9k   Pinterest - 3.3k

Previously called "Luxxury Livving", My Style Republic is a lifestyle and interiors blog with a curated collection of home interior products to die for. From original artworks, to unusually glam home accents, to chic stationery, My Style Republic combines fashion and interior inspiration into a simplly luxurious blog that we can't live without.


17. The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Facebook - 1.9k  Twitter - 2.6k

Rohini Wahi, an East London based design journalist is another must-read interiors blog of 2015. Rohini's lifestyle blog, covering travle, culture, entertaining and interiors is an inspiring mix of all things modern and contemporary. Her interest in travel has influenced her home decor ideas, as she shares global design trends and advises how simple it is to recreate the look in your home.

18. Hannah in the House

Twitter - 2k    Instagram - 1.2k

Hannah Trickett, a Scandinavian style queen, fills her blog with beautiful images of home decorations both simplistic in design and created with sophisticated craftmanship. She has an obsession with stationery and organisation minimialism, which is why we love her! There's no better decor than that which helps you keep your home sparkling and clean.


19. Laura Thomas Interior Design

Facebook - 1.1k  Twitter - 436

Owner of Laura Thomas Linens, Laura has a flair for designing the most beautiful homewares and soy candles. She also introduced us to our favourite new interiors trend this year, Rough Luxe - half rough, half luxury. The perfect mix of found & fancy. For a spot of shopping, whilst gainng some valuable interior advice - you have to take a look at this amazing blog.


20. Kate Young Design

Twitter - 545  Pinterest - 540

Kate Young may not be as well known as the other 19 bloggers in this list, but she is well on her way to the top. Her beautifully designed blog shares unique and interesting interiors posts - showing you can get interiors inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. In particular, we LOVE her post on Denim interiors - "You can wear pretty much anything with [denim], dress them up or down... so why not use it in your home too?"

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