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You can request a deep oven clean as part of any one-off clean

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What's included in deep oven cleaning?

What's included in deep oven cleaning?

Deep oven cleaning includes:

  • Removing and cleaning all shelves
  • Removing and cleaning all detachable parts of the oven
  • Specialist oven cleaning products
  • Scrubbing the interior to remove burnt on residue
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior oven glass
  • Reassembling your oven

How to book deep oven cleaning

Deep oven cleaning is included as standard in end of tenancy cleans, and can be added as an optional extra to deep cleans and after-builders cleans.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a standard oven clean and a deep oven clean?

A deep oven clean is more thorough than a standard clean and requires an engineer to dismantle and clean your oven.

During a standard oven clean, an oven cleaning product is applied to the inside of the oven and then wiped out. This can remove light deposits from your oven, but will be unable to remove buildup or burnt on residue.

In a deep oven clean, your cleaner will inspect, disassemble and then soak all detachable parts of your oven in a dip tank filled with a specialist cleaning product. The interior will also be thoroughly scrubbed to ensure that all grease and burnt-on food residue can be removed.

How long should my oven be off before my cleaner arrives?

You should avoid using your oven for a few hours before your cleaner arrives - they’ll need the oven to be completely cold in order to complete a deep clean.

How do I book deep oven cleaning?

Deep oven cleaning is included as standard in our end of tenancy cleans. You can request deep oven cleaning as an optional extra with our deep cleaning and after builders cleaning services.

If you don't require deep oven cleaning as part of another clean, you can book a standalone deep clean of your oven. Select the deep cleaning option & tell us in the notes that the clean is for your oven only. We'll send you a quote.

What is Housekeep doing to stay COVID-19 secure?

We're using enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygeine procedures, and we're asking customers and carpet cleaners to maintain social distancing at all times.

About deep oven cleaning

You should book deep oven cleaning to remove grease build-up and burnt food residue from your oven. 

Clean ovens retain heat better, and are more energy efficient. A clean oven is also much safer, as a buildup of grease and residue inside your oven can pose a fire risk. Dirty ovens can also contaminate your food with unpleasant and dangerous compounds.

To book a deep oven clean, simply fill out our online form and a member of the team will give you a call to help schedule your clean. You can request a quote for deep oven cleaning on its own, or as part of a one-off deep cleaning service. 

We’ll send a professional oven cleaner with all of the products and equipment required to complete a thorough clean of your oven. Your cleaner will inspect and disassemble your oven, cleaning all detachable parts of the oven. They’ll also thoroughly scrub the inside of your oven to remove all burnt food residue or grease. Once all parts of your oven have been meticulously cleaned, we’ll reassemble your oven ready to be used right away.

Our deep oven cleaning service is COVID-19 secure; we’ve introduced enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygiene processes, and we’re taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2 metre distance during cleans.

We’re the UK’s market leader in home cleaning services, having delivered over one million cleans, with a 4.9-star average rating. Our service has also won multiple awards, including Service Business of the Year and Consumer Business of the Year

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