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Pop in your details & tell us about the job. We’ll send you a fast, free, no-obligation quote

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We'll book your exterior painting at a time that suits you. Then we'll email to confirm your booking

3. Complete

We'll send a tried & trusted local tradesperson to complete the work. On-time & on-budget

Why choose Housekeep

Fast & free quote

We'll provide a super fast, no-obligation quote - completely free-of-charge

Tried & trusted tradespeople

We've got a squad of experienced & vetted tradespeople. Just let us know what you need & we’ll get you booked in

Simple online booking

No long back-and-forth. No hassle with cash and no stress. Just an easy online booking experience

We’re here when you need us

Short notice or advance booking - we’ll book you in at a time that suits you. And we’ll provide an arrival window so you won't need to wait all day

Dedicated support for tradespeople jobs

Speak to our super responsive support team any time you need a hand. We're available 7 days a week

What you get with Housekeep

Exterior painting services

Exterior painting service

Our experienced & vetted tradespeople can help with any exterior painting job.

We can paint any residential properties, including:

  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Annexes
  • Sheds

We can also complete exterior painting of all commercial buildings, including:

  • Shops & retail spaces
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Bars & restaurants

Booking exterior painting with Housekeep

Finding a good local tradesperson to paint the outside of your house can be a challenge.

There’s a chance you’ll get lucky with a recommendation from friends or family - but for most of us, it means hours spent trawling the internet, looking through terrible websites, trying to find a reputable company. Some companies try to charge for a quote, costing you time and money, with no guarantee of a great service.

That's why we set up Housekeep - so you could book trusted, local professionals hassle-free. 

Need to book exterior painting? We’ll provide a fast, no-obligation quote for the job. Just fill out our online form and our dedicated tradesperson team will send you a quote. All free-of-charge.

If you’d like to go ahead with the booking, we'll schedule the job for a time that suits you. Then we’ll send you an email to confirm the booking. No long back-and-forth, no costly quote and no stress. 

But, what about the actual job? How can you be sure the work will be completed to a 5* standard? 

It’s right to ask. Pick the wrong tradesperson and you could end up with a delayed schedule, endless hidden costs, and - if you’re really unlucky - half-finished work. You’re then left out of pocket with nowhere to turn.

Our professionals are vetted and have plenty of experience. They can paint the outside of houses or other residential properties, as well as commercial buildings like office blocks and retail stores. You name it - we paint it.

We’ll provide a detailed quote before you commit to the work - including VAT, parking & travel. You can also request that waste disposal gets included, if it's going to be required. In the event that any further work is needed, we’ll make sure you’re happy to proceed before you’re billed. So you’re in full control.

Need a hand with your booking? We’ve got a ridiculously responsive support team to guide you through the process - from quote to completion. You can reach us by phone, chat or email, 7 days a week.

Join our happy customers in Deptford

Tezreec was quick&efficient. She is very considerate and helped close my door while I was working before she started vacuuming.
Miss Stella did a fantastic job, she is very friendly, she is calm, she is respectful. You have a very good staff that can bring and attract many clients to your organisation. She is Phenomenal. I like her, not only liking but love her.
2 days ago
It is so nice to come home after Olu has been round and see how much better the flat looks. Thank you!
3 days ago
Fauziah did a great job, the flat is crystal clear and it was a pleasure to chat with her!
5 days ago
Good clean, good attention to detail. Mirande covered a lot in the time provided and was friendly.
6 days ago
Audrey helped with jobs (like cleaning windows) that i just could not bring myself to do personally. I would encourage customers to give Audrey as much guidance as possible and monitor the progress as she goes.
1 week ago
Ileana Mona has been amazing and we were very lucky to have her during lockdown as it made our home situation so much easier. She works hard to ensure she covers the whole property and leaves each room so clean and tidy.
1 week ago
Thank you so much! The house is sparkling I have never seen it this clean! And Audrey went above and beyond. It was so lovely to meet you :)
1 week ago
Marilaine is an exceptional housekeeper! Excellent service, incredibly thorough cleaning, super friendly, can't recommend her enough.
2 weeks ago

Areas we cover in Deptford

  • Deptford
  • Evelyn
  • Rotherhithe

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