How to fold bath towels

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How to fold bath towels


  • A clean surface to fold on

  • Fresh & clean towels


  • Start with the towel open in front of you on a clean surface, such as a table. You'll want to begin with the wider side in front of you.

  • Take the left-hand edge of the towel and bring this over to meet the right-hand edge, creating your first fold.

  • We'll now want to fold the towel into thirds. To do this, first rotate the towel 90 degrees, and bring the rightmost third across to just left-of-center. Now, fold the leftmost third over, so the towel is flush, and 1/3 of the width you started with.

  • To finish off, take the bottom edge of the towel and fold in half upwards.

  • Your towel is now folded and should be presented with the fold facing forward. You can repeat the process with all towels and stack neatly on top on one another.

Top tip: Each time you fold the towel, make sure to firmly run your hands over to iron out any creases!

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