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Housekeeper of the week: Andreea

Housekeeper of the week: Andreea

Congratulations to this week’s Housekeeper of the Week, Andreea! Well done on yet another 5-star week!

Earlier in the month Andreea hit an amazing milestone - a year on the Housekeep platform! Thanks so much for the consistent high quality cleans that you’ve delivered in this time.

Working across North West London, Andreea cleans in the ...

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Housekeeper of the week: Marinela

Housekeeper of the week: Marinela

This week's Housekeeper of the Week goes to Marinela!

Since joining the Housekeep platform, Marinela has worked tirelessly across West and North West London, cleaning in homes from Pinner (HA5) to Borehamwood (WD6) and everywhere between.

As well as having a positive, can-do attitude, Marinela has unbeatable ratings - with a 5-star average! Despite covering a wide area ...

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Housekeep recommends: 8 great cleaning products


"What are the best cleaning products?"

We're asked this all the time, mostly by customers who are keen to know how they can best equip their Housekeepers for the job!

The team here were recently chatting about this and we thought we'd share with you the products that we've come to know and love ...

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How to book a cleaner

We tackle a frequently asked question here . Plenty of people would love a cleaner, but aren't sure where to find one, or how they should be booking. We'll show you how Housekeep has tackled traditionals flaws in the cleaning industry and run away with the London home-cleaning market.

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Housekeeper of the week: Geosandra

Housekeeper of the week: Geosandra

Congratulations to Geosandra - this week’s Housekeeper of the week! 

Geosandra cleans for customers in Central and South West London, delivering 5-star domestic services in the Pimlico (SW1), Oval (SW8) and Kennington (SE11) areas.

With a fantastic attention to detail and a warm personality, Geosandra has a flawless reliability score and is 5-star rated for ...

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10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks

Don’t let the recent bursts of good weather fool you - there are still a few weeks of springtime left here in London and that means it’s not too late for your annual deep clean. That’s right… you’ve not got away with it quite yet!

All jokes aside, a spring clean is a great opportunity to ...

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Housekeeper of the Week: Josephine

Housekeeper of the Week: Josephine

Having been spoilt with fantastic weather of late, we were a little disappointed with the grey clouds that hung over London this week. Nevertheless the show must go on, as they say, and we still had plenty of lovely feedback to choose from when looking for this week’s Housekeeper of the week, in spite of the ...

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How to prepare for your cleaner's arrival

We get a lot of questions coming through the Housekeep office about this subject, particularly from customers who haven’t used a domestic cleaner before and would like to learn the etiquette.

Really, much of this will come down to your personal preference. In fact, this can be said for our business in general - everyone will ...

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Housekeeper of the week: Anna

Housekeeper of the week: Anna

We’ve chosen the fantastic Anna to be this week’s Housekeeper of the Week.

Anna cleans in North London, across the boroughs of Haringey, Islington and Camden. Within these boroughs, Anna regularly visits houses in the Manor House (N4), Muswell Hill (N10) and Barnsbury (N7) areas.

Anna’s ratings are f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. In fact, they’re perfect, and Anna ...

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Housekeep CEO, Avin Rabheru, at the Business Show 2018

Housekeep CEO, Avin Rabheru, at the Business Show 2018

We were very excited this week to have the opportunity to hear our founder & CEO, Avin Rabheru, deliver a keynote speech at the Business Show 2018.

Avin’s talk, entitled ‘Startup to Market Leader in a £4bn Market’, provided listeners with a crash-course in innovation and disruption, while touching on the Housekeep culture that’s allowed ...

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