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Housekeep's 2022 highlights

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Housekeep's 2022 highlights

We helped Housekeepers earn more than ever before 🧽

Customers booked hundreds of thousands of hours of cleaning & ironing with Housekeepers in ...

Top Housekeepers of 2022

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With the year drawing to a close, we’re giving a very special shoutout to the top Housekeepers of 2022. These Housekeepers have all kept a perfect 5-star rating throughout the year, and have been the most reliable & consistent Housekeepers of 2022.

Don't let small plumbing jobs become big problems

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When you have small plumbing issues around your home, it can be tempting to put them off until tomorrow. But left alone, even minor leaks and clogs can quickly become major problems that cost time and money to fix later on.  The good news is that most small plumbing jobs can be fixed quickly by the right local plumber. And some can even be taken care of by a handyman. So you won't need to break the bank.

The 4 best ways to find a local appliance repairman

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If you have an appliance that needs to be repaired, finding the right local repairman can seem like an impossible task. This guide will help you navigate the world of appliance repair to find the best repairman or repair service for the task at hand.

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