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Startups, small business and other companies that we, the Housekeep team, think are fantastic! Some from London, others from around the world!

Could a tidy house win you 1.8 MILLION dollars?

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We know that there are a hundred reasons to have a clean & tidy house, and here at Housekeep we’re big proponents of the ‘clean living starts with a clean house’ school of thought.

In light of this, we were thrilled to see a feel-good cleaning story ...

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Housekeep favourites: Time-saving apps/websites!

We all know that websites and apps can lead to a huuuuge amount of wasted time. We've all browsed Wikipedia pages we have no actual interest in, spent hours watching meaningless Youtube videos or played Doodlejump until our hands hurt. Despite living in an age where time is perhaps more precious than ever before, the ...

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2018 - what are the best cordless vacuums this year?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have noticed that the humble vacuum has been the subject of some serious tech updates in recent years. 

The two most significant developments with vacuum tech have come in the form of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, and robotic vacuum cleaners. With James Dyson announcing earlier in ...

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Swedish Death Cleaning (and the life it brings)

“Swedish death cleaning” - sounds scary, right?

It’s actually a very peaceful process and, somewhat surprisingly, “Swedish death cleaning” does not mean dusting yourself to an early grave.

This recent phenomenon, popularised in 2017 by Margareta Magnusson, is about lightening the burden of clutter, and clearing your life of unwanted stuff. 

Stuff is funny - you think ...

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Housekeep recommends: 8 great cleaning products


"What are the best cleaning products?"

We're asked this all the time, mostly by customers who are keen to know how they can best equip their Housekeepers for the job! The team here were recently chatting about this and we thought we'd share with you the products that we've come to know and love ...

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The Geffrye Museum and the History of the Home

The Geffrrye Museum and the History of the Home



The Geffrye Museum, located just below the Kingsland Road by Hoxton station, presents it’s patrons with 11 period rooms, arranged in chronological order and spanning a period of 400 years. The journey from the 17th century to the present visualises changes not only of ...

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Things to see and places to be: a guide to the weekend in the East End

Things to see and places to be: a guide to the weekend in the East End

In recent years, London’s East End has really come into its own. Long considered a less glamorous corner of the city, areas such as Hackney, Bethnal Green and Dalston are trading on their rugged aesthetic and becoming hubs of social activity, in an inclusive, diverse way. This historically rich, and culturally diverse section of London ...

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