Who has the time to clean?

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Who has the time to clean?

Who really has the time to clean?

We all know that a clean home is important - we feel healthier, more focussed and proud of the place we call home. But has the time for cleaning become a luxury?

Home appliance manufacturer Beko have set out to quantify just how much of a struggle this is for everyday people. Their findings are really interesting, and match up to the anecdotal experience that we have from speaking with busy Londoners day-to-day.

1/3 of adults spend only 1-2 hours cleaning their home per week, admitting that they struggle to keep on top of household chores. Although the average is slightly higher, at 4 hours, for these people a huge chunk of their spare time is spent on tedious chores.

With 40% blaming work-life balance for their struggles, it would appear that domestic duties are well and truly falling down the list of priorities!

Many people seem to keep up (just about!) with the basics, but skirting boards, windows, the fridge & oven all get neglected. Not only are there hygiene implications for this, but Beko rightly note that the lifespan of these white goods is undoubtedly damaged by neglect! This isn't something that Housekeep customers usually have to worry about though, as their cleaners are able to complete all of these tasks in addition to keeping the rest of the home spick & span.

What's more, the age-old and much-beloved tradition of the Spring Clean is, apparantly, on its way out. 38% of Brits now feel the tradion is 'old-fashioned'. Although we certainly don't feel once-a-year is nearly frequent enough for a deeper clean of the home & appliances, it's important that these areas get given the attention they deserve. Last year we compiled a list of 10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks, that we highly recommend you check out.

So, what's the solution?

Like, seemingly everything these days, technology could be the answer!

Beko have developed a new range of home cleaning appliances that utilise technology to save their users time. The new range of AutoDose dishwashers remove one step from the process and you can ensure - for a month at a time - that your dishes are getting the right levels of detergent. Furthermore, you can control the device from your smartphone and/or any Alexa-enabled device, saving you time and effort. 

Housekeep, too, has found a way to utilise technology to remove the laborious task of cleaning, and the (even more laborious) process of finding a cleaner.

In the dark days before Housekeep (The Dawn of Time - 2014), Londoners relied on newspaper ads, word-of-mouth or questionable agencies to find a home cleaner. This took time, effort and often resulted in people settling for less than ideal setups. Housekeep has utilised first-rate technology to connect busy Londoners with highly-rated and background-checked home cleaners in a matter of minutes. Whether you're looking for a basic clean, or you need the long-neglected oven, fridge & windows sparkled up, you'll find a local Housekeeper who can come from the very next day. 

Do you struggle with the housework? Secure a 5-star cleaner for the very next day, here!

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