This week's best cleaners: Blackheath

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This week's best cleaners: Blackheath

With fabulous customer feedback, check out this week's top cleaners in Blackheath, 


Cleans in: Blackheath (SE3)| Lewisham (SE13)| Greenwich (SE10)

Key attributes: Diligent and speedy, Adeola is a first-class cleaning professional who gets her customers' homes looking spick and span. Plus, she’s super friendly, making her a delight to have around!

Our favourite review: “Areola is a kind, friendly person who is very thorough in all that she does. She was very respectful of my space and my things, handling things very carefully. She works quickly and carefully and I appreciated her help very much. Thank you.”


Cleans in: Ladywell (SE4)| New Cross (SE14)| Brockly (SE4)

Key attributes: Kehinde is a fantastic cleaner! She’s a pro at getting bathrooms gleaming, with a true dedication for spotless perfection. 

Our favourite review: “Did a fantastic job of cleaning my flat, everything was spotless. Couldn't believe how good the bathroom looked! She was polite and friendly too. Thank you!”


Cleans in: Eltham (SE9)| Woolwich (SE18)

Key attributes: Antonio always provides a top-notch cleaning service. He’s not only efficient but also incredibly attentive to even the small details. 

Our favourite review: “Fantastic clean again today. Antonio's attention to detail is great and he works quietly and efficiently. Thank you.”


Cleans in:Blackheath (SE3)|Greenwich (SE10)| Charlton (SE7)| Deptford (SE8)

Key attributes: Having completed almost 2,000 cleans on the platform, Ilaria has buckets loads of experience. She’s super thorough and meticulous, leaving her customers’ homes sparkling! 

Our favourite review: “She's fabulous. Always on time, always stellar service. She's been with us for 6 months now and we cannot recommend her enough!”


Cleans in: Blackheath (SE3)| | Lewisham (SE13)| Lee & Hither Green

Key attributes: Lilian is a superb cleaner! Her incredible punctuality, thoroughness, and knack for tidying never fails to leave her customers impressed. 

Our favourite review: “Lilian always arrives on time, she tidies as she cleans and is very thorough. She does little extra jobs when needed without complaint. She is honest, reliable and an excellent cleaner.”

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