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How much does it cost to rewire a house?

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Costs to rewire a house can vary from £2000 right up to £12000+. The exact cost of rewiring a house depends on multiple factors. The most important factor will be the size of your home. Other factors will include where you live, how your house has been wired, and how long it’s been since your house was last rewired.

Cleaning in the heat - top tips from the Housekeep team

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Cleaning is hard and physical work. According to the team at Verywell Fit, most cleaning tasks burn about 4-6 times as many calories as sitting on the sofa. Cleaning in hot weather is even harder. So we’ve put together a guide to help. Whether you’re a professional cleaner, or just doing the chores at home - we’ve included plenty of tips & tricks so you can stay cool.