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Home cleaning and home maintenance tips from the team here at Housekeep, London's top-rated home cleaning agency

5 reasons everybody needs a home cleaner (first clean special offer at bottom!)

1. Spending money on time-saving makes you happiest

The way that people value time and resources has shifted massively in recent years, with Millenials and Generation Z-ers placing more value on time and experiences than money, material wealth or status. More and more frequently, people are viewing time as the new ‘essential currency’. Scientists have actually shown that ...

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Housekeep tests Seventh Generation Glass & Surface Cleaner

The environment and climate change have been headline news in recent years, and rightly so! With global temperatures on the rise, many people are becoming increasingly conscious about the choices they're making day-to-day. When shopping, people are more aware of brand behaviour and consumers are starting to opt for responsible companies over household names.

We ...

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Using maps/ Google maps without data!

We know that Housekeepers on our platform love using the integrated maps within their Housekeep app. By incorporating maps straight into the Housekeeper app, we’re able to remove one of the biggest stresses of independent cleaners: their travel routes.

There is, however, one potential downside to this. Using maps extensively can have a significant impact ...

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How you could be happier for just £27

Happiness can be obtained in many ways - friendships, family, relationships and… a clean house.

According to a survey quoted in the Jakarta Post, US Citizens, when asked, felt that a clean house had a significant positive impact upon their wellbeing:

“From thousands surveyed, 72 percent reported they sleep better in a clean house, 80 percent ...

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Cleaning tips from Housekeep new joiners: 002

This week we're bringing you another set of great tips from Housekeepers just joining the platform. It's so refreshing to see that Housekeepers are bringing their own flair to our platform, and we're confident that we'll be hearing great things about these guys in the very near-future! Here goes...

Lighten the load...

A great tip this ...

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Cleaning tips from Housekeep new joiners: 001

To join the Housekeep platform you need to be an experienced, 5-star domestic cleaner. When we meet new Housekeepers we want to learn about their style of cleaning, and understand the methods that they use to achieve that perfect finish.

We've started collecting some tips of the trade from joining Housekeepers to share with others on ...

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Cleanliness: a genuine rift in many relationships

If you research the relationship between marriage and domestic chores you find a shocking correlation: nearly one third of failed relationships cite frequent disagreements around domestic tasks as a reason for their breakdown.

Many of these couples informed researchers that they didn’t often disclose the reasons for their failed relationships, feeling that it was a ...

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