How much does a cleaner cost?

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How much does a cleaner cost?

Thinking of hiring a professional cleaner to help keep your home spick and span? It's a great way to save time and get that clean-home feeling without breaking a sweat. But how much does a cleaner actually cost? 

How much does a regular cleaner cost?

Regular cleaning refers to weekly or fortnightly cleaning, and includes general cleaning tasks like vacuuming, mopping & dusting. It’s lighter than deep cleaning services but it’s completed much more often.

In the UK, a regular cleaner can cost anywhere from £10-25/hour. Regular cleaning is usually charged at an hourly rate, rather than a fixed rate. But your cleaner or agency will recommend the amount of time that you should book based on the size of your home. You can then add extra tasks like ironing, laundry or inside fridge cleaning – which are usually charged at the same hourly rate as the general cleaning.

The cost varies depending on whether you hire a cleaner directly, or through an agency/cleaning platform. Independent cleaners who you hire directly will set their own rates, and may charge more or less depending on their experience, how full their schedule is, and how much travel is required.

Getting a cleaner through an agency or platform tends to cost a little more than hiring a cleaner directly, but often comes with other benefits like holiday cover, online management tools and dedicated customer support. 

Don’t choose a cleaner based just on the price

Cost should certainly be a factor when comparing cleaning services or cleaners, and getting quotes from a few different services/cleaners is a good starting point. But as with any purchase, you should think about what you’re getting for your money. Sometimes you “get what you pay for” – so cheap might not be a good thing.

If you’re speaking to cleaning services quoting towards the higher end of what you'd expect them to cost, ask them why - they should be able to tell you where the extra value is. Then it’s up to you to decide whether you think it’s worth it.

Providing your own cleaning products can help to keep the cost down

If you’re conscious of the cost involved in getting a cleaner, providing your own cleaning products can help to keep the price down.

Cleaners usually charge a flat rate for providing their own cleaning products for a job. And rightly so, they’ll want to make sure that the amount you’re paying is covering the cost of the products & a little extra for the extra effort required to buy & bring the products. Providing the cleaning products yourself will keep the cost of your cleaner down. 

And a top tip from us - own-brand supermarket cleaning products are usually just as good as their branded counterparts.

How much does a professional/deep cleaner cost?

Deep cleaning services (like a one-off deep clean, an end of tenancy clean or an after-builders clean) can cost anything from £100 for a small flat, to upwards of £1000 for a large house with carpet & steam cleaning included. It’s often charged at a fixed rate for the job, rather than an hourly rate.

Deep & end of tenancy cleaning costs more than regular cleaning - but for good reason

There’s no two ways about it – a deep, end of tenancy or an after builders clean will cost quite a bit more than a regular clean. And that’s because the service involves more difficult and time-consuming cleaning tasks. Deep cleaning is designed to remove deep, ingrained dirt. Think limescale & the like. 

Because of the extra work involved in deep cleaning, the task’s often completed by a team of 2-3 cleaners instead of a single cleaner. So this is another reason why the service is pricier than a regular clean.

Deep cleaners will often provide equipment, and stay until the job’s done

Most deep cleaning teams agree to bring all of the products and equipment that's needed to make your home as good as new, and this is reflected in the cost. Bringing their own car or van also means that you might need to cover congestion charge (if you live in London) and parking. And because they’re often working on a fixed-rate - rather than an hourly rate - deep cleaners often promise to stay until the job’s done. Partly this is because it’s harder to estimate how long deep cleaning tasks take. After all, jobs like removing heavy limescale can vary depending on how stubborn the scale is. 

Deep cleaning often comes with specialist extra tasks

As well as having a more time-consuming core task list, deep cleaning is also often paired with premium extra services. Carpet & upholstery cleaning, deep oven cleaning, fridge/freezer cleaning and more. These require the cleaners to provide extra products & equipment (which they’ll usually have to transport too), so these tasks do come at an extra cost. 

How much does a cleaner cost with Housekeep?

If you’re looking to book a cleaner with Housekeep, you can find the cost instantly by popping in a few details. Just let us know about your home and the tasks you’d like to book. Then we’ll give you an instant price. If you’d like to go ahead, pay to secure your slot. We’ll match you with the best local cleaners or cleaning team for the job.

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