How long does end of tenancy cleaning take?

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How long does end of tenancy cleaning take?

Professional end of tenancy cleaning can take anything from a few hours to an entire day, depending on the number of cleaners who attend, the tasks you need completing and the size & condition of the property.

Small flats can be cleaned top-to-bottom in 3-5 hours by a team of 1 or 2 cleaners. But larger family homes might need a bigger team and are likely to take a fair bit longer.

Why does the time needed for an end of tenancy clean vary so much?

There are heaps of factors that make it hard to say exactly how long an end of tenancy clean will take. Here are the main ones.

The size of the property. The size of your property will make the biggest difference to the time it takes to complete an end of tenancy clean. Bigger property equals bigger job. There will be more surfaces, more floors and more fixtures to clean. And that means it’s going to take longer to complete the clean. How many staircases the property has will also affect the length of the clean.

The condition of the property. It’s not just the size of the property that impacts how long an end of tenancy clean takes – the condition is just as important. Stained carpets, stubborn limescale & sticky cupboards are just a few of the tasks that can add time to an end of tenancy clean. If the property has been regularly cleaned and is in a generally good condition, 

Extra tasks. What exactly is included in an end of tenancy clean varies from job to job. You may need to have your carpets and/or upholstery professionally steam cleaned to make sure that you pass the inspection. Or you might have a balcony or patio that needs to be swept and hosed down. Unsurprisingly, these tasks all add time to the end of tenancy clean. But if you don’t need these tasks completed, your end of tenancy clean will be faster and less expensive to complete.

How good the cleaners are. An experienced cleaning team will complete the job in a much shorter time than amateurs. They’ll have better equipment and better working methods. Of course, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve booked a professional end of tenancy clean with a reputable company. But if you’re trying to do the job yourself, you should expect it to take much longer. After all, it’s called “professional cleaning” for a reason. 

How long your end of tenancy clean takes doesn’t usually affect the price

End of tenancy cleaning is usually priced at a fixed-rate, rather than by-the-hour. This is because it can be hard to predict exactly how long the tasks will take to complete.

Cleaning teams understand that your end of tenancy clean is super important. After all, if the job’s done badly you’ll almost certainly be hit with a deduction to your security deposit. So they’ll stay until the job’s done and they’re confident that you won’t be stung for cleanliness when it comes to checking out.

While cleaning teams are happy to stay until the booked tasks are completed, they will charge you for unforeseen extra services. If there are more rooms than they were expecting, or additional services like steam cleaning that need to be completed, you’ll need to agree an extra cost for those to get done.

Why does end of tenancy cleaning take so much longer than regular cleaning?

There are heaps of tasks covered by end of tenancy cleaning that your regular cleaner simply isn’t able to help with. Cleaning the insides of cupboards, white goods and drawers, returning fixtures caked in limescale to their former glory and cleaning grouting are tasks a regular cleaner just isn’t able to help with.

But with an end of tenancy clean, the cleaning team are there to make the home as good as new. So it’s always going to take much longer than a regular clean would.

How long do Housekeep’s end of tenancy cleans take?

Our end of tenancy cleans are usually completed within 3-5 hours, and are usually completed by a team of two professional end of tenancy cleaners. Particularly large jobs might be completed by a larger team of three or more cleaners, or completed over a longer time frame by a team of two.

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