Housekeep users get 15% off Delphis Eco cleaning products

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Housekeep users get 15% off Delphis Eco cleaning products

Housekeep has partnered up with Delphis Eco to offer users 15% off their first three product purchases.

Delphis Eco is a brand that’s loved by professionals and approved by the planet. Their eco-friendly products are created with the planet front of mind, and a strong focus on reducing the impact on aquatic life. Their products were the first to receive the Ecolabel accreditation in the UK, and they’ve pioneered 100% recycled - and 100% recyclable - packaging. 

But Delphis's cleaning products aren’t just about being eco-friendly. They’re also designed to be well-and-truly effective too. Unlike many eco-friendly cleaning products – which are great for the planet but don’t stack up to conventional products – Delphis Eco’s sprays are superb, even when they’re up against stubborn marks & stains. So we’re not surprised to hear that they’ve been used in royal households, hospitals, restaurants, schools & more. 

To make things better they’re made in Britain too – so you know that you’re supporting local businesses, with a drastically smaller carbon life cycle. What’s not to love? 

Get 15% off your first three Delphis Eco orders

Our friends at Delphis Eco are kindly offering Housekeep users 15% off their first three orders. Here’s how you can claim your discount:

  • Go to
  • Choose your products or bundle and click add to cart
  • Enter the code HOUSEKEEP15 at checkout for 15% off your first three orders. You’ll need to enter this code each time you place an order to receive your discount

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