Housekeep money saving tips: 002

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Housekeep money saving tips: 002

This week we're back with some of our favourite money saving tips that we wanted to share with our Housekeepers and customers. Let's get started:

Free tea or coffee @ Waitrose, EVERY DAY!

This one's a Housekeep office favourite, and we can often be found sipping on a Waitrose tea/coffee we didn't pay a penny for. Somehow it tastes just that little better for being a complete freebie, so we recommend that you all get in on this one!

What you'll need to claim your free coffe:

  • myWaitrose card
  • Reusable coffee cup

Head here to register for myWaitrose. Once you've set up your password, you'll need to 'Activate' your account and they'll send you a card. You can also print a temporary card if you want a free coffee before the card arrives!

Finally, you just need to take your Waitrose card and a reusable coffee cup to your nearest Waitrose to claim your free tea or coffee.

SUPER TIP: Always carry a reusable coffee cup in your bag - Pret also offer 50p off all coffees that you provide a cup for - that's a filter coffee for 49p. BARGAIN.

Celebrate National Pizza Day (09 February) with a take out bargain!

Scouring the web we've found a great coupon code for anyone tempted to indulge in a little decadence this weekend. Pizza Hut are offering 50 (yes, FIFTY) percent off orders over £15 if you order through the following link. Guess what? Free delivery too:


🍕 Yum Yum 👆

Bargain clothes shopping

This week we stumbled across a super bargain shopping website for anyone looking to update their wardrobe! 👗

We love things that do what they say on the tin, and Everything5Pounds is exactly that! Selling clothes direct from manufacturers, as well as dead stock from M&S, Topshop and other high street retailers EVERYTHING costs £5 or less. That means on-trend clothes at first-rate prices.


We hope you loved this week's money saving tips and we look forward to sharing another 3 tips next week! 

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