Housekeep's money saving tips: 001!

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Housekeep's money saving tips: 001!

Living in London can be expensive (don't we know!), and we think that it's well worth keeping an eye out for the latest bargains to save a little cash.

We're going to be starting a weekly series that focuses on good deals that we think our Housekeepers and customers could benefit from. Without further ado, here come our first 3 money saving tips...

Get a railcard, and pair it to your oyster card!

If you're aged 16-30, you're able to get a National Rail Card for a whole year for just £30. This saves you 1/3 on all national rail trips - which is great - but you can also make big savings on London travel. If you go to the desk at your local tube station, you can pair a National Rail Card with your Oyster Card for 1/3 savings of all off-peak journeys! This means 1/3 off all of your weekend and public holidays as well as the less busy hours during the week. Result!

Use coupon websites

Coupon websites are a great way to bag a bargain, and they often have deals on cleaning products too - our favourite is supersavvyme which recently had an offer for 75p off Viakal! For bigger purchases, like gifts or holidays, check out Groupon for some amazing deals on weekends away and new products.

Save money, little & often

Sometimes the best way to save money is money. Although this can be super tricky with London's high cost of living there are some resources designed to help you with this. A great app for this is Moneybox, which you can connect to your internet banking; once your Moneybox account is linked to your bank account, everytime you buy something it rounds the amount up to the nearest pound, and you save the difference! For example, if you pay £1.50 for a bus ride, it will deduct £2 from your account, and invest the 50p in a separate ISA. This isn't the best method for cutting back on your expenditure, but if you have long-term saving goals it could be a winner!

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