The 4 best ways to find a local appliance repairman

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The 4 best ways to find a local appliance repairman

If you have an appliance that needs to be repaired, finding the right local repairman (or repairwoman, of course) can seem like an impossible task. Whether you’re looking for a dishwasher repairman, a washing machine repairman or someone who can come and fix your fridge freezer, there are so many choices out there – with very few obvious differences. This guide will help you navigate the world of appliance repair to find the best repairman or repair service for the task at hand. 

Here are the best ways to find a local appliance repairman

1) Check your warranty

2) Start with a Google search

3) Ask friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations

4) Use an app or digital service 

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1) Check your warranty

When your appliance has broken down, the first thing to do is to check your warranty. If your appliance is relatively new, you may not even need to hire a repairman. Check the documents that originally came with your appliance to find out whether it’s in warranty. Your warranty will include more specific information about how you can get your appliance repaired or replaced – directly from the manufacturer.

Not sure how long your appliance warranty was? Here's some more information about the warranties offered by popular appliance brands:

Pros + Free of charge, hassle-free as you won’t need to find a local appliance repairman yourself.

Cons - Not always possible & only an option if you’ve bought your appliance relatively recently.

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2) Start with a Google search

No joy with your warranty? Google is the next place to go when you're looking for an appliance repairman in your local area. 

Start by Googling the type of repair you need & the brand of your appliance (this is important as not all repairmen will work with all brands of appliance). Don’t forget to include your local area in the search too to make sure you’re getting repairmen who can actually travel to your home. 

You'll be shown heaps of services, each with their own websites. Open all of the sites on the first page or two & have a look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

And don’t forget to make sure that you’re checking the advertised prices so that you can make a more informed decision about which repairman or repair service to use. 

As you scan through websites, jot down prices & notes on each service. Once you’ve narrowed the options down, contact each repairman or repair service via email or through the contact form on their website to confirm a quote and check their availability.

Pros + Lots of choice & a great starting point. Almost all good local appliance repairmen & appliance repair services can be found through Google.

Cons - Too much choice? Sifting through Google results can be a laborious & time-consuming task. You’ll often need to contact multiple services or repairmen for quotes or to check availability. 

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3) Ask friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations

When it comes to booking any service, asking friends & family is another great option. You’ll get feedback you can trust – “straight from the horse’s mouth”. 

You can ask your friends & family if they’ve recently used an appliance repairman whenever you catch up with them. Or you can look for recommendations in any local Whatsapp or Facebook groups you’re in, or on Nextdoor.

Here are some questions you should ask when looking for recommendations:

  • Which appliance repair did you book? (to make sure that it’s similar to the task you need completing)
  • How much did the appliance replacement cost?
  • How easy was the repairman to communicate with – was organising the repair straightforward & effortless?

Pros + Fast & efficient method to find a local repairman. Comes with peace of mind – as you know you can trust the recommendation. 

Cons - Relies on friends & family having done their research – to find the best qualified & best-value repairman. Can lead to awkwardness if you have a difficult experience. 

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4) Use an app or digital service

Apps & online services like Housekeep can match you with a tried and tested appliance repairman in a matter of minutes. Whether you're looking to get a washing machine repaired, a fridge/freezer installed or an electric oven replaced – we've got you covered.

Services like Housekeep take the hard work of vetting a repairman. All of our tradespeople have plenty of experience working with all household appliances, fixing all kinds of issues. 

Apps and online services can often provide an instant quote – so you’re not waiting hours or days to hear back from repairmen or services. And with Housekeep, you can even book, pay & confirm your appliance repair job instantly online.

Pros + Simple & effortless – the service will do all the hard work in finding a suitable local repairman. Instant price & online booking cuts out all of the back-and-forth – so a task that might otherwise take an afternoon takes just a minute or two. 

Cons - May come at a premium price. But any difference in price will be more than made up for in the time that you save. 

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