How much does a gardener cost?

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How much does a gardener cost?

With summer well & truly underway, now is the perfect time to give your garden some TLC. But gardening can be time-consuming, and it requires heaps of skill & experience to do the job your garden deserves. So hiring a professional gardener is often the best bet.

We’ve answered your FAQs about hiring a professional gardener. From how much a gardener costs, to how you can find the best local gardener – we’ve got you covered.

How much does a gardener cost?

Most professional gardeners charge between £30-70/hour. Some gardeners also offer a preferential day rate if there’s plenty to keep them busy.

At Housekeep, we charge a flat rate of £60/hour for all of our gardening services.

Generally, gardening rates vary massively, depending on the tasks you need completing, and the service you book with. 

After all, you can pay a neighbour to mow your lawn once a week. Or you can hire a serious tradesperson with the equipment & knowledge to makeover your garden – trimming trees, pruning plants and keeping your lawns lovely. It all depends on what you need done. 

Which tasks can I book a gardener for?

You can book a gardener for almost any garden maintenance task. Some common gardening tasks include:

As well as the obvious tasks, there are a number of other outdoor maintenance tasks that a professional gardener can help with:

If you need any other gardening work completed, just let us know and we’ll provide a bespoke quote for the job.

How can I find a gardener near me?

There are plenty of ways you can find a good local gardener. Here are some of the ways that we’d recommend:

  • Ask local friends & family for recommendations. They might have a great gardener who has some availability in their schedule
  • Google gardeners in your area. You’ll find some great options, but remember that it can be time consuming to complete quality control and pick a preferred option
  • Check online tradespeople directories. Try Checkatrade, Trust a Trader & others. You’ll find great tradies. But you’ll need to contact the gardeners individually to check prices & organise the booking. So it can quickly become a time sink.
  • Book an online service like Housekeep. Online services allow you to get a much faster quote & book online. So it’s often the easiest & quickest way to book a gardener. The best online gardening services are Housekeep and Fantastic Gardeners. 

How should I choose a gardener near me?

Finding gardeners is one thing. But choosing the right gardener is a completely different challenge.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing a gardener:

  • Check references, reviews or testimonials from past customers
  • Double-check the gardener’s experience to make sure they're up to the job 
  • Make sure they're happy with your gardening equipment, or can provide their own
  • Compare quotes (and ask what you’re getting for your money)
  • Check they’re insured for the work you need doing, especially if they’ll be working on large-scale projects like landscaping or fencing 

How often should I book a gardener?

How often you should book a gardener depends on the size of your garden, and what’s in it. If you’ve got plenty of plants, flowers & hedges, then you might need a weekly gardener for a few hours. 

It also depends on the weather. During summer months with rain, you may even need your lawn mowed twice a week. But when it’s drier, you probably won’t need to mow more than once a week. 

Can I book a regular gardener?

Yes – if you’re looking for a helping hand with ongoing lawn maintenance or other gardening tasks, it makes sense to book a regular gardener.

A regular gardener will get to grips with your garden after a couple of visits. Once they’re familiar, they’ll quickly learn how’s best to rotate tasks to make sure everything gets the attention it needs, when it needs it. This is better than hiring one-off gardeners who you’ll need to brief and direct every time they visit.

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