What does a carpenter do?

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What does a carpenter do?

Whether you’re planning a building or renovation project, or you’re in the market for some new fitted furniture – chances are you’ll need a carpenter to help you out.

So we’ve answered all of your FAQs about carpenters right here. From what a carpenter does, to where you can find the best local carpenter – we’ve got you covered.

What does a carpenter do?

Carpenters work with wooden structures in buildings – completing tasks like the construction of partition walls, the installation of timber frames and cutting and fitting door frames, floorboards & window frames.

What’s the difference between a carpenter and a joiner?

The term carpenter is often used interchangeably with joiner. While they’re technically different trades, you’ll find that tradies are often trained & experienced in both disciplines. 

Technically speaking, a joiner is someone who builds furniture with wood. This might include fitted wardrobes & cabinets, worktops, tables or bookcases.

Where can I find a local carpenter or joiner?

There are heaps of different ways that you can find and book a local carpenter or joiner. Here’s where we recommend that you start looking:

Online directories - Checkatrade, Rated People & Trust a Trader are the best places to start. These websites display local carpenters & joiners, so you can contact them for a quote. Some also allow you to advertise a job, which carpenters or joiners will then contact you about. You’ll be able to see carpenter’s reviews from past clients and find a bunch of great tradespeople. But it can be a time-consuming process, as it’ll be up to you to gather quotes and vet potential tradies.

Online tradespeople services - like Housekeep, Fantastic Services or Pimlico Plumbers. These services work with tradespeople and can get you booked in right away. At Housekeep, you can see a live quote for the job you need doing, so you won’t be waiting around to hear back. If you want to go ahead with the booking, we’ll match you with a tried and trusted local carpenter or joiner who can get the job done.

Google - you can find a tonne of great local carpenters & joiners with a simple online search. But much like online directories, it’s on you to gather quotes and check that the carpenter has the experience, insurance & availability for the job. And waiting to hear back on multiple quotes can make it a fairly lengthy process.

Ask friends & family for a recommendation - if you know someone who has recently hired a carpenter or joiner, make sure to ask them about their experience. If they were happy with the work provided then ask if they can pass along their contact details. Then you can reach out and see if they’re interested in helping with your project.

Which tasks can I book a Housekeep carpenter for?

We've got experienced carpenters on standby across London & the South East. They can help with any carpentry or joinery jobs.

Our most popular carpentry tasks are:

You can request a quote for any of these services here: Get a quote

If you need any other carpentry work completed, just let us know and we’ll provide a bespoke quote for the job.

What should I look out for when hiring a carpenter?

Whenever you’re hiring any kind of tradesperson, there are a few things you should always check. These are:

  • Insurance. Nobody wants to imagine the worst-case scenario from the get-go. But accidents happen in all industries – and carpentry is no different. Ask any service provider you’re thinking about.
  • Experience. Nobody wants a rookie fitting their new wardrobe, or installing the timber frames for their extension. And by the time they're working independently, any carpenter or joiner should have plenty of experience. So make sure to quiz any potential tradesperson on their experience to make sure they’re up to the job.
  • Price. An important part of selecting any product or service is, of course, price. Remember, the price should be fair & competitive. But remember that cheapest isn’t always best. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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