Where can I find a plumber near me?

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Where can I find a plumber near me?

There are lots of ways you can find a trusted plumber – from asking for a recommendation from friends & family, to booking a trusted supplier online. So we've created this handy guide to help you find a plumber near you.

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Where can I find a plumber near me?

There's no one right answer when it comes to finding a plumber. And how you look for a plumber will vary depending on a number of factors – like the urgency of the job, and whether you have lots of local friends and family. If you're not sure where to start, here are a few ways we'd recommend trying.

a) Ask friends and family for a recommendation

Sure, it's old school. But a recommendation from friends and family is still a good first step when finding a local plumber. Remember that, if you’re looking for a plumber near you, you’ll be limited to a recommendation from your local network. After all, there’s no point in getting a recommendation from your parents or siblings if their favourite plumber isn't going to make the trip to your home. The easiest way to ask for local recommendations from your network is through Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.

You should still do some online research even if a service has been recommended to you  – just because your friends or family members have had a good experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too.

b) Use an online directory

These days, lots of people find a local plumber through an online directory. The most popular directories are Rated People, Trust a TraderLocal Heroes and Trusted Traders. While a popular option – it’s still limited. Once you’ve scoured the options, you’ll need to reach out to each potential plumber and wait to hear back with a quote. This can end up being a lengthy process and isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a service at short notice. And you're still doing much of the legwork, sending emails back and forth to agree quotes and availability – all before you can get a booking confirmed.

c) Contact your utility provider

You might have plumbing cover through insurance, or included in your utilities package. It’s worth double-checking, as there’s no point getting a local plumber privately if you’re already covered. Of course, you won’t be able to use this for an upgrade or home improvement – but you may have cover for minor repairs. If you rent your home & your landlord sorts the utilities, it’s worth checking with them before organising repairs. 

d) Book directly with an online service or app

There are also services like Housekeep that let you get an instant quote & even book a plumber online or via an app. This saves you hours that would otherwise be spent navigating clunky websites and waiting to hear back with a quote. With these services, you'll normally get an instant quote or hear back within the day. Then you're able to book in immediately online or over the phone. Online & digital services also tend to have higher-quality websites – so it's usually quicker to find answers to questions about insurance or what's covered. This means you won't need to rely on long email threads with lots of back and forth. Not to mention, it's easier to trust an established service with a strong online presence & lots of customer feedback. 

e) Use an online search engine

There's always the option of Google-ing the service you need, and browsing the search results to find a recommended plumber. Depending on where you're based, you could be presented with hundreds of options for plumbers in your local area. But you'll need to browse each website individually & conduct your own research to find out whether they're a trustworthy service.

We've included more information below on how you can choose the right plumber near your – via an app, online directory, search engine or a referral from friends or family.

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Plumber fixing a bathroom sink

What does a plumber do?

Before looking for a plumber near you, you’ll want to double-check that a plumber is actually the right tradie for the job.

In short, a plumber can help with anything that’s related to the water in your home or commercial property - from taps to toilets, showers to sinks. Here are some of the tasks that a plumber can help with:

Some plumbers are also qualified to help with gas appliances & boilers. But not all plumbers are Gas Safe Registered – so this is something you’ll need to double-check before you book them to help with your heating or gas appliances. The safest option is just to opt for a dedicated gas & heating engineer instead.

For water-related tasks outside of your home – like outside drains, gutters or external blockages - you’ll want to opt for a drainage specialist. Many plumbers are also trained & qualified to work with outside drains. But again - you’ll want to double-check before you confirm a booking.

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Plumber fixing a kitchen sink & tap

Things to consider when booking a plumber

Finding a plumber is one thing. But choosing the right plumber is a different kettle of fish. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a plumber.

Look for a local plumber

It's best to choose a plumber who's based near you. If they’re familiar with your local area they’re more likely to turn up reliably and on time. They'll know where they need to park, how's best to get to you and when they're likely to arrive. Booking someone in another town or the other side of London will increase the risk of delays & cancellations – and could waste hours of your time.

Consider price – but don't always choose the cheapest option

Price is obviously a factor when choosing the right plumber. While you should be careful not to overpay, you should be equally cautious of suspiciously cheap services. And always avoid anything unofficial that includes cash in hand transactions. You'll want to be able to get a full receipt and understand whether you're covered by a warranty for any follow-up work that is required – just in case there are any issues with the work that's completed.

Look for a free quote – especially for smaller tasks

Ideally, you should always opt for a service that provides a free quote before you commit to the work. While a site visit might be necessary for a large renovation project, it shouldn’t be necessary for most smaller maintenance or repair tasks – a clear photo and description of the job is usually enough. Don’t get stung by an unnecessary call-out charge and make sure that you have a chance to consider a quote before committing to work.

Check their credentials

For most plumbing tasks, there's actually no legal requirement to hold any qualifications – but most plumbers will have a diploma or other qualification. At the very least, you should always check that your plumber has experience with the tasks you're looking to book. For large-scale projects, you should also ask them to show you examples of previous work, or see if they can provide references from past clients. If you’re looking for help with anything to do with gas though, it's a legal requirement that your engineer is Gas Safe Registered. While plumbers often hold this accreditation, they don't all - so you'll need to double-check before confirming the booking.

Check your plumber is insured for the work they're completing

Doing your homework can help you book a respectable tradesperson and minimise the risk of anything going wrong. But there can be accidents with even the best tradespeople. Make sure that any plumber you book is insured for the work they’re completing – water can cause expensive damage to your home, and you won't want to be left forking out of your own pocket for damages.

Be careful of any hidden fees

There's no point in comparing quotes if you're going to end up duped into paying more once the job's completed. So always be careful of any hidden fees that might get snuck in. If you're expecting your plumber to remove waste when they're done – such as your old sink or bathtub – then you'll need to specifically ask for this. That way you can make sure it's included in the final price you're committing to. Make sure that parts are also included if you're not providing them yourself, as well as any parking fees or congestion charges that your plumber might need to pay. 

Don't be afraid to get a few quotes

Remember that you don't need to accept the first reasonable quote you see. If you're not looking for an emergency appointment then it's worth spending a little time shopping around. If a service is a little more expensive than the last quote, then ask them why – and find out what you'll get for the extra spend. It might end up being worth the extra cost for the peace of mind of booking a more experienced – or better insured – plumber.

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plumber inspecting the bathroom shower

Does Housekeep have plumbers near me?

Housekeep has plumbers available across the London area, and elsewhere in the South East. You can find a list of areas where we have local plumbers available here: Housekeep's services - and where they're available

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How can I book a plumber near me with Housekeep?

You can get an instant quote & request a plumber near you with Housekeep. Just fill in our online quote form and let us know about the job you need completed.

We'll provide an instant quote and let you know the hour. If you'd like to continue, our dedicated tradesperson team will get in touch to provide a full quote, confirm a slot that works for you and get you booked in. Then we'll send a tried & trusted local plumber to get the job done.

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