Vacuuming skirting boards

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Vacuuming skirting boards


  • A vacuum cleaner

  • A soft brush attachment


  • First, attach a soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Before continuing, make sure that you’re absolutely certain that the chosen attachment won’t scratch either the skirting board, or the wall directly above the skirting board.

  • Turn your vacuum on, and place your brush gently against the skirting board.

  • Slowly run the brush along the skirting board. Ensure that the head of the vacuum is not in direct contact with either the floor, or the wall above the skirting boards while vacuuming - this could scratch these surfaces.

  • The brush attachment may not be wide enough to cover the whole height of the skirting boards. If this is the case, work your way back across until you’ve vacuumed the full height of the skirting board.

  • Some skirting boards have ridges or rims - make sure that you’re not leaving any dust in these nooks & crannies.

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