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  • "Nataliia is amazing! She is very thorough and thoughtful about cleaning according to the needs of a baby in the house."

    Kitty - Blackwall, 2 days ago
  • "Olga is very good at cleaning and wants to do her job well. I would be comfortable to have her for longer but we wont need cleaning during the xmas period. Will come back to you hoping she is available in the new year."

    G - Blackwall, 6 days ago
  • "Fantastic as always! Friendly, professional and the most perfect clean we could ask for. Thank you!"

    M - Bow, 6 days ago
  • "Mondays are always a little bit easier to bear knowing that we will come home to a beautifully clean house. I can't thank Maria enough for the wonderful work she does!"

    Charlotte - Bow, 1 week ago
  • "Monica was prompt, brought loads of own cleaning/ironing equipment and left the place spotless. Would definitely recommend."

    Suresh - Blackwall, 1 week ago
  • "Amin was really cooperative and did a great job on cleaning. He was efficient and completed everything that was needed for the clean."

    V - Blackwall, 1 week ago
  • "Excellent as usual, place left spotless and very polite. Highly recommended, thanks very much!"

    M - Blackwall, 1 week ago
  • "Ilena is very friendly and puts a lot of energy is her work. I would definitely recommend her."

    T - Blackwall, 1 week ago
  • "He makes our flat squeaky clean as always, and gets so much done everytime. Thank you for taking the initiative and cleaning the oven as well despite we didn’t ask for it at all. Amazing job and we are very happy!"

    Yukari - Blackwall, 1 week ago
  • "Thorough clean as always, Margareta is consistent week after week. I always look forward to coming home after I know Margareta has visited my flat."

    Sabrina Jiah Ling - Blackwall, 3 weeks ago

Some of the Great Cleaners
Available in Canary Wharf

  • Anita

    "Anita did an awesome job cleaning our place, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Thanks Anita!"

    C - Aldgate 2 weeks ago


    • Bethnal Green
    • Brick Lane
    • Globe Town
    • Kingsland Road
    • Mile End
    • Roman Road
    • Spitalfields
  • Kat

    "Kat was very nice and kind and left our 2 bed flat clean and sparkly in only 2 hours! She is based in East London, what a shame she cannot come to our home again. Thank you!"

    Ana - Deptford 2 months ago


    • Beckton
    • Bromley-by-Bow
    • Custom House
    • Fish Island
    • Plaistow
    • Silvertown
    • Upton Park
  • Margareta

    "10/10! Super thorough and lovely lady! I gave very few instructions and she took initiative to clean absolutely everything."

    Hildegard Van - Beckton 1 week ago


    • Bow
    • Canning Town
    • Leamouth
    • Limehouse
    • Millwall
    • Old Ford
    • Poplar

Canary Wharf's Best Cleaners

Every cleaner has at least 6 months' professional home cleaning and ironing experience.

Cleaners are interviewed in-person and undergo an 8-step background check.

We collect reviews and feedback after every clean to make sure all cleaners are 5-star quality.

If you’re not totally satisfied, we promise to send an alternative cleaner to re‑clean for free!

Areas We Cover in Canary Wharf

  • Blackwall
  • Canary Wharf
  • Cubitt Town
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Leamouth
  • Limehouse
  • Millwall
  • Poplar
  • South Bromley

Housekeep Cleans Up in
Canary Wharf

Housekeep in Canary Wharf

  • 4,231 Homes cleaned
  • 1,012 Fridges cleaned
  • 1,080 Ovens cleaned
  • 1,342 Window cleans
  • 16,495 Shirts ironed
  • 8,462 Rubbish Bags removed
  • 100% Canary Wharf covered

Stats about Canary Wharf

  • 28.0% Have pets
  • 87.0% Flats or apartments
  • 13.0% Houses
  • 34,403 Households
  • 73,390 Residents
  • 41.0% Own a car
  • 54.0% Single

Local Information About
Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, known as the business district of London, is part of the West India Docks and situated in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Canary Wharf is one of London’s major financial centres, the other being the City of London, accommodating some of the world’s largest financial institutions such as Barclays, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan. With over 100,000 workers in the area, some have decided to call it home. This iconic part of London lies within the E14 postcode district that offers strong transport links via London Underground’s Jubilee Line and the DLR at Canary Wharf station. London City Airport is only a 20-minute journey on the DLR and in addition to this, there are boat services from Canary Wharf Pier to London Bridge and Greenwich. The housing stock in Canary Wharf mainly consists of modern luxury studios, apartments and penthouses. Find a premium apartment cleaner on our website in the area including in Blackwall, Cubitt Town and Millwall.

Housekeeper of the week: Claudia

This week’s Housekeeper of the Week is Claudia, who cleans in both East and South East London.  Crossing the Thames to visit her regular customers, Claudia cleans in the boroughs of Southwark and Tower Hamlets, visiting homes in Whitechapel (E1), Canada Water (SE16), Canary Wharf (E14) and London Bridge (SE1)....

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Housekeeper of the Week: Elena

This week's top Housekeeper is Elena!  Her happy customers are in the East London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, City of London, Hackney, Newham, Lambeth and Southwark, including Whitechapel, Stepney, Shadwell (all E1), Bethnal Green, Haggerston (both E2), Bow, Mile End (both E3), Canary Wharf, Limehouse, Poplar (E14), Shoreditch, Barbican (EC2), Aldgate (EC3), Southwark (SE1),...

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Housekeeper of the Week: Elena

"Perfect as always. I love coming home when Elena has been, as the flat is always immaculate. The best cleaner I've ever had, without a doubt :)" Elena is this week's Housekeeper of the week! She covers the east and south-east London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Lambeth, Southwark, Greenwich and Lewisham including Poplar,...

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