Housekeeper of the Week: Josephine

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Housekeeper of the Week: Josephine

Having been spoilt with fantastic weather of late, we were a little disappointed with the grey clouds that hung over London this week. Nevertheless the show must go on, as they say, and we still had plenty of lovely feedback to choose from when looking for this week’s Housekeeper of the week, in spite of the gloomier mood.

In the end, and after much deliberation, we decided that Josephine should be this week’s Housekeeper of the Week - congratulations, Josephine!

Josephine’s regular customers reside in the South East London boroughs of Bexley and Greenwich, and she regularly delivers 5-star cleans to homes in Abbey Wood (SE2), Thamesmead (SE28) and Charlton (SE7).

Josephine’s customers are consistently impressed with her reliability (always 100%), her attitude and her keen eye for detail during every visit! As well as being a fantastic cleaner, Josephine is no stranger to lovely comments about her personality and attitude, and it’s clear to see that she’s a positive presence in all of her customers' homes! You’ve heard enough from us, so we’ll let Josephine’s lovely feedback do the real talking:

“We would love to have Josephine do another clean for us. Everything was immaculate, and it was a very good clean”

“Today it was the first time Josephine cleaned for me. My mum arrived today to visit and was impressed of how good and cleaned my house looked. I'm super happy!”

“Thank you for a good job and your very positive can-do attitude is very admirable A+”

Thanks all, and have a lovely weekend!

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