8 skills that you can learn from your cleaner

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8 skills that you can learn from your cleaner

We can’t praise the Housekeepers on our platform enough, and we have a huge amount of respect for the fantastic work they do. A million hours of home cleaning...130,000+ 5-star reviews...an industry high 4.8-star average clean rating… none of this would be possible without the hard work of the cleaners that work on the Housekeep platform.

We talk with Housekeepers on a daily basis, and we learn so much from watching the thoughtful and proactive way they go about their work. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of 8 life-skills that we think you could hone from watching your Housekeeper work.

  1. Attention to detail

    This lies at the crux of all cleaning work. Without an eye for detail, 5-star cleans are very hard to come by. In fact, one of the main problems with unprofessional cleaning is that us mere mortals don’t quite get the mess. We know it’s not as clean as it could be, but we find it hard to put our finger on the real issues.
  2. Multitasking

    A real skill but one that your Housekeeper has mastered! Often working to tight deadlines, your cleaner needs to ensure that tasks are completed in a sensible order to ensure completion. This might mean having laundry or dishes washing in the background while focusing on other areas that require cleaning, or leaving product to soak in one room while dusting another.
  3. People skills

    That’s right, your Housekeeper could teach you a thing or two about interpersonal skills too. Meeting more new people in a day than a lot of people do in a month, your cleaner does so with a smile on their face and a positive attitude. We’re fortunate to read so many compliments from customers on their Housekeeper’s pleasant and professional demeanour. We know that so many of our customers look forward to their Housekeepers’ visits for a catch up as well as a clean house.
  4. Navigating the various infamous London transport networks

    Everyone’s least favourite activity: navigating the sprawling underground and bus networks of our city. Zipping across their working areas to make sure they’re with you on time and equipped, your cleaner is a London travel-pro.
  5. Tenacity & Patience

    Real virtues these, but ones that a lot of us can really struggle with. Whether it’s persisting with that stubborn limescale, or working tirelessly every week to make sure your home shines, your cleaner knows that real graft leads to real reward. We know for a fact that Housekeepers on the platform love that moment when they can take a step back and admire their fine work - and you love it too!
  6. Punctuality

    Time-keeping is a real life-skill, and not one that everyone is blessed with. Your cleaner understands the importance of this though and they make sure that nobody’s waiting on them. It makes a real difference knowing that you can rely on their timely assistance.
  7. Adaptability & flexibility

    Your Housekeeper probably doesn’t just clean for you. They probably don’t just clean for 5 people. In fact, they might have as many as 30 or 40 regular customers. That’s 30 or 40 different properties that they need to master and clean. Every client has different expectations and different priorities, and switching up their work to match this takes adaptability and flexibility.
  8. Initiative & decision-making ability

    Cleaners are brilliant decision-makers, and they often have to think on their feet to get the job done. Prioritisation and planning play a big part when your Housekeeper is cleaning, and one that plenty of us do with learning a thing or two about.

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