What's the difference between a spring clean and a deep clean?

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What's the difference between a spring clean and a deep clean?

Almost everyone has heard of spring cleaning, but there's still some confusion around exactly what the term means.

Simply put, spring cleaning is the tradition of an annual ‘deep clean’ of your home. This means completing tasks that aren’t covered as part of your standard cleaning routine, such as cleaning kitchen appliances or removing limescale deposits.

These cleans have traditionally been carried out in the spring months of the year, hence the term ‘spring clean’. 

In essence though, a spring clean is just like any other one-off deep clean - there are many reasons why you may need a similar clean at other points of the year, and you should definitely be completing a deep clean more than once yearly!

What’s included in a ‘spring clean’?

There’s no one-size-fits-all checklist for spring cleaning - everyone has their own priorities, and the tasks required are bound to vary from one home to the next.

Our standard spring cleaning service includes the following tasks:

- Cleaning of all surfaces
- Disinfection of high traffic and high touch surfaces
- Oven cleaning
- Bathroom descaling
- Vacuuming all floors and upholstery
- Mopping all hard flooring
- Inside window cleaning

In addition to the standard tasks, you’re also able to add the following extra services onto your spring clean:

- Deep oven clean
- Fridge/freezer cleaning
- Carpet cleaning
- Upholstery steam cleaning
- Inside cupboards
- External areas

As with all of our cleaning services, you can let us know of any special requirements that you have, or areas that you’d like us to focus on. We’ll pass this information onto your cleaning team in advance of the clean!

How often should I book a ‘spring clean’?

Although spring cleaning is traditionally carried out once a year, we would recommend having a deep clean more regularly than this.

Generally, we’d advise that one-off deep cleaning is organised 2-3 times per year. There may be special occasions, such as having friends or family to stay, that may mean you look to increase this frequency further.

In addition to twice-yearly deep cleaning, you should be completing regular cleaning on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You could find a reliable cleaning service to carry this out for you, or you could look to do this yourself.

During a regular clean, you should be:

- Dusting and wiping accessible surfaces
- Removing light limescale deposits
- Vacuuming and mopping flooring
- Cleaning your bath, shower & toilets 
- Emptying & changing bins

If you’re finding it hard to complete these tasks on a regular basis, you should think about hiring a regular cleaner who can help with these tasks. You can get a quote for a regular cleaner through Housekeep, here.

How can I book a ‘spring clean’?

As well as offering a regular cleaning service, Housekeep also offers a one-off spring cleaning service. You can get an instant quote for a spring clean, here.

When requesting a quote, you can then add on extra services, like carpet & upholstery cleaning, or let us know about any other tasks that you require in the ‘Other details’ field.

Once you’ve filled in your info, we’ll provide you with an instant quote, based upon the size of your home.

Your request will then be passed over to a member of our support team, who will give you a call to help get your clean booked in. We have cleaners on standby, and have plenty of slots available for advance booking or for cleans at short notice.

Your cleaning team can provide all of the equipment and products that are required to complete a thorough spring clean of your home.

Here at Housekeep, we’re the UK’s market leaders in home cleaning. We’ve delivered over one million cleans, with an average rating of 4.9-stars, making us London’s best option for spring cleaning services!

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