Housekeep shortlisted at the Technology Product Awards

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Housekeep shortlisted at the Technology Product Awards

We're thrilled to announce that Housekeep has been shortlisted for ‘Best Digital Transformation Product or Service’ at the Technology Product Awards.

We've been shortlisted for our world-first local key transfer technology. This technology, which we’ve built entirely in-house, enables Housekeepers to transfer spare keys directly between themselves in-the-field, rather than via a central office. 

Our new tech saves Housekeepers time & money, meaning that they can maximise their earnings. Across our cleaner-base, this technology has already created availability for thousands more cleans each month - meaning cleaners spend more time earning, and less time travelling. It’s also meant that Housekeep is now delivering 5* cleans outside of London.

Vote for Housekeep at the Technology Product Awards

The winners at the Technology Product Awards are decided by public vote. 

It only takes a minute to vote & we’d be super grateful if you could cast a vote for Housekeep. 

Just click the link below, scroll down to ‘Best Digital Transformation Product or Service’. Beneath Housekeep, click “Vote Now”.

Vote for Housekeep at the Technology Product Awards

Building world-first technology for our Housekeepers & customers

Ever since we launched Housekeep back in 2014, we’ve been committed to developing world-first technology to improve the experience of customers and cleaners. 

We were the first to build a mobile app for cleaners, and the first business worldwide to let customers book directly into cleaners’ schedules - live and in real-time. Our in-house job allocation & route optimization technology has already saved cleaners £5m+ in travel costs, plus it saves ~1000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Our new local key transfer technology is now helping cleaners across London to earn thousands more each month, while saving countless unnecessary journeys on public transport.

But we’re not stopping here - we’ve got some very exciting developments in the works, and we’re looking forward to sharing more details of these very soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The Housekeep Team

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