What makes Housekeep ‘Housekeep’?

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What makes Housekeep ‘Housekeep’?

We know that sometimes when you interact with an agency, they seem like a massive faceless corporation. Well folks, that’s not us. We’re one of a kind, and here’s why...

We simply love clean homes

That fresh smell when you walk into your home… That feeling of bliss as you sit down with cup of tea, knowing that your home is clean… We know how amazing that feeling is and your housekeeper does too. That’s why your housekeeper cleans, and that’s why they’ll add those extra special finishing touches to your clean to leave you delighted every time.

Making it easy for everyone

Before your first clean, we talk through your home with you so your housekeeper is ready to go when they arrive. If you've got special requests, like regular ironing or a one-off oven clean, we can get that organised for you too. For your housekeeper, this means they've got all the information they need when they arrive too and means you don't need to worry about holiday or sickness cover. For your housekeeper, it means they've got an easy check list for all their clients.

Happy housekeepers, means happy customers; which means happy housekeepers…

We know for a fact that happy Housekeepers mean happy customers. So behind the scenes, we offer your housekeepers jobs in their local area that will result in them spending less time travelling and more time cleaning. That means your Housekeeper gets to your job on time, in a fantastic mood and cleans your home better. So when you get home, you can enjoy that cuppa that little bit more. Perfect!

So that’s what makes us, us! We’re always up for a natter, so drop us a tweet or email us at hello@housekeep.com to get to know us even better.

The Housekeep Team

Want to join our London-based team? Simply email ‘recruitment@housekeep.com’ for more information!

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