Housekeep Tips for Small Space Living

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Housekeep Tips for Small Space Living

Wherever you’re lucky enough to live in London, the chances are space is at a premium in your home. London frequently ranks as one of the world’s most expensive cities, so almost everyone needs to sacrifice some space to live in the capital. It’s a small price to pay to live in the one of the most exciting and diverse cities on the planet, and with Housekeep’s guide to small space living, we’re hoping that you’ll be able to make your space go that little extra way, while keeping the character of your home intact.


  • Tip#1 Keep it vertical. In small spaces it’s important to work from the bottom up – make ample use of vertical wall space – floating shelves or a tall bookcase will maximise your space from floor to ceiling. Wall mounted coat pegs and hanging S- hooks for pots and pans in your kitchen are all ways that you can use your space functionally. You could also try using an Ikea Kallax shelf vertically, rather than a chest of drawers for storage in the bedroom, to save on your limited horizontal space.
  • Tip#2 Plan your decor – well placed, evenly distributed picture frames and sensibly placed mirrors will make your rooms appear bigger. Empty walls will leave your home looking sparse, unfinished, while an overload of hanging decor will look daunting and cramped in a small space. An even distribution of frames on a wall will draw the eye across the room horizontally, creating the illusion that a wall is longer. Although it’s no great secret that mirrors will extend your room beyond its four walls, it’s still the classic way to make a little space seem like a lot. Not only do mirrors add depth to the rooms in your home but they're great for reflecting both artificial and natural lighting in your home, keeping the room bright and fresh.
  • Tip#3 Keep it green – don’t let a small living space deter you from keeping a plant or two. Although there’s plenty to be said for minimalism, don’t feel that you need to live clinically, just because space is limited. Although some may live in houses, Londoners are increasingly finding themselves living in flats, often without access to a garden space. You certainly shouldn’t fear bringing a little life into the home, and a small potted plant is refreshing in any room. Studies have shown that indoor plants aid breathing, help with concentration and even carry healing properties! We actually recommend a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market in our guide for the perfect East End weekend.
  • Tip#4 Keep it clean – decluttering and sensible storage solutions will go some way to maximising your space, but there will never be a replacement for keeping the place clean. Not only does a small space get dirtier quicker, but living in a small space can mean that mess and dirt quickly feel overbearing and claustrophobic. To avoid this we'd recommend regular dusting, vacuuming and general tidyness. You needn’t worry though – if you’re not much of a cleaner yourself we think we might just have the perfect solution for you…



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