Cleaning tips from Housekeep new joiners: 002

Cleaning tips from Housekeep new joiners: 002

This week we're bringing you another set of great tips from Housekeepers just joining the platform. It's so refreshing to see that Housekeepers are bringing their own flair to our platform, and we're confident that we'll be hearing great things about these guys in the very near-future! Here goes...

Lighten the load...

A great tip this week comes from Housekeeper Pavlina, who covers Highbury and Finsbury Park (N4 & N5). This one is a tip for other Housekeepers working on the platform, who are looking for a solution to carrying lots of products around daily.

If you've only got one or 2 jobs in a day, why not decant your products into smaller bottles to lighten the load? You're able to buy small spray bottles and a pack of stickers to help with this, all without breaking the bank!

N.B always be very careful transferring chemicals (we'd recommend using gloves) and make sure to label the bottles accurately so you don't confuse your products! Remember, incorrect use of cleaning products can cause damage, or even lead to injury, so this is suuuuper important.

Mirrors and Vacuuming

We've got two great tips from new Housekeeeper Jeanne (Bermondsey and Rotherhithe) this week.
Mirrors - use a newspaper instead of cloth to clean mirrors - this ensures a streak-free finish and a great shine. 

Vacuuming - always vacuum backwards out of a room to ensure you leave a 5-star finish on carpets, with no footprints or residual debri!

It's great to see a new Housekeeper in Jeanne who so clearly shares our passion for 5-star cleaning. These details may seem pedantic, but it's this attention-to-detail that separates Housekeep cleaners from the masses, and it's this that has helped us reach over 100,000 5-star rated cleans!

Well done guys, and we can't wait to see your 5-star ratings roll in!