Could a tidy house win you 1.8 MILLION dollars?

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Could a tidy house win you 1.8 MILLION dollars?

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We know that there are a hundred reasons to have a clean & tidy house, and here at Housekeep we’re big proponents of the ‘clean living starts with a clean house’ school of thought.

In light of this, we were thrilled to see a feel-good cleaning story in the news last week.

One fortunate Louisiana couple were lucky enough to find a winning lottery ticket, worth 1.8 million USD, a fortnight before its expiration date!

Harold and Tina Ehrenberg were prepping for an upcoming holiday when they stumbled across a pile of unchecked lottery tickets. Much to the couple’s surprise, one of the salvaged tickets matched all the winning numbers, with a whopping $1.8 million jackpot. With the numbers drawn back in June of this year, delaying their clean by a further 2 weeks would’ve seen this life-changing sum of money pass them by.

Luckily Harold and Tina pulled it out the bag, just in the nick of time, but is there a lesson to be learnt here? We think so....

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