Housekeep loves: Pinga

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Housekeep loves: Pinga

We've recently been chatting to our friends at Pinga, the London-based startup that's changing the delivery game. Through Pinga, you're able to order absolutely anything, and their smart tech will pair you up with a local rider happy to help with a local purchase or with running an errand!

The Pinga app has been around for a couple of years now, initially starting in the Nottingham University campus, before the team brought the app down to London. Riders on the app have delivered pretty much everything already, and the team regularly celebrate some of their quirkier requests over on their instagram account:


Free text request; We need all the ingredients for a roast plss 🙏

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The guys at Pinga have kindly shared an exclusive discount for Housekeep users to get free delivery and £5 credit towards their first order through the app. Using the coupon is super simple, and you just need to enter HOUSEKEEPFIVE at check out to claim your first-time offer!

We hope you'll enjoy using Pinga as much as we do, and don't forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out what they're up to next.


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