How to book a cleaner in London

How to book a cleaner in London

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how to book a cleaner in London? 

We know from our market research that lots of people want to book a cleaner, but they’re just not sure where to start looking. Of course, everyone’s priorities are different, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you decide on how you should book a cleaner.

1. Decide on your priorities

The first stage to deciding how or where to book a cleaner is to define your requirements.

Here are our recommendations on what to think about:

  • How are bookings made and managed - through an online account, over the phone with the agency, or by direct contact with your cleaner?

  • How is payment handled - do you need to pay in cash, direct debit or via a payment card?

  • Are you looking for one-off deep cleaning, or are you hoping to build an ongoing relationship with a weekly or fortnightly cleaner? Make sure that the company or individual you go with is a specialist in the sort of job you’d like to book.

Once you’ve decided on your priorities, and you know what you’re looking for, start searching for companies or individuals who suit your needs. Ask friends or family who you know have a cleaner, and search online to see who in your local area is providing cleaning services. Once you’ve compiled a list of service providers, move onto the next stage.

2. Think about the cost and define your budget

As with all services, the cost to book a cleaner can vary massively and you need to consider what you’re getting for your money. Your most important considerations should be:

  • The hourly rate - how much will it cost for each of your cleans?

  • Products/equipment - if you need your cleaner to bring products or equipment, check how much extra this will cost

  • Cancellation charges - if you’re signing up for a regular service, make sure to fully understand any cancellation charges, as well as the provider’s policy on skipping or rescheduling visits

  • Your budget - think about what you can afford to spend on cleaning services, and make sure you’ve budgeted for the expenditure

  • First time offers - most cleaning companies can offer you an appealing first-time discount to try the service. Shop around for the best deal and consider 

You’ll now want to compare your answers to the above against the list of service providers you’ve previously compiled. Exclude any service providers that you feel are out of budget, or who have excessive cancellation charges or similar.

3. Look at consumer reviews and ask around

Before you commit to booking a service, it’s worth having a look around online for any consumer reviews you can find. Active users are the best placed to comment on a service, so look out for a high average rating on Google & Trustpilot to ensure you feel comfortable to book a cleaner with the company in question.

Compare your list of priorities with the positive and negative feedback you can find online. If your requirements are frequently commented on by existing users, either positively or negatively, it’s a strong indicator of the experience that you’ll have with the service.

4. Take the plunge and book a cleaner

If you’ve followed the above steps, you should now feel confident that you know how to go about getting booked in. Now, you just need to do it.

Once you’ve booked your cleaner, make sure that you prepare for their first clean properly, to give them the best chance of delivering a 5-star clean. For more information, check out our article on How to prepare for your cleaner’s arrival.

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Perhaps most importantly, Housekeep is also by far the easiest and most efficient way to book a cleaner in London. All of our customers can book, manage and pay for their cleaners through our intuitive customer-facing website. If you ever need a hand with anything, you’re able to request a call from customer support, drop us a message, or initiate a live chat with the team through your online account. In addition to fantastic support, customers are able to reach out to their cleaner on the day of a visit, via a live chat or call through the Housekeep account.

We’re confident that you’ll love the Housekeep service, so we offer all of our regular customers complete flexibility. There’s no minimum contract term, or excessive cancellation fees. If your requirements change, you’re able to cancel your regular arrangement instantly through the online account without charge.

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