What's the difference between 'regular cleaning' and 'end of tenancy' cleaning?

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What's the difference between 'regular cleaning' and 'end of tenancy' cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a requirement of lots of tenancy agreements, but many people are unsure exactly what the term means. In short, end of tenancy cleaning is designed to completely clean an empty property, from top to bottom, ready for new tenants to move in. 

Before we break down the particulars of end of tenancy cleaning, let’s take a minute to remind ourselves of what’s included in ‘regular’ domestic cleaning. 

What is 'regular cleaning'?

‘Regular cleaning’ refers to the general cleaning tasks that keep your home in a manageable state. Think of this type of cleaning as the ‘household chores’. You can do regular cleaning yourself, or you can bring in a helping hand if you struggle for time. 

Some examples of regular cleaning tasks include:

- General tidying
- Dusting and wiping all accessible surfaces
- Doing the dishes
- Removal of light limescale deposits
- Cleaning the baths, showers & toilets
- Vacuuming and mopping floors throughout the property
- Emptying and changing bins

You could also consider laundry, ironing and folding clothes as part of these general ‘housekeeping’ duties.

Regular cleaning is absolutely essential. Without completing these ‘little & often’ cleaning tasks your home could soon become a real mess!

But this is a very different discipline to end of tenancy cleaning. Frequent regular cleaning may help to minimise the extent of cleaning required at the end of your tenancy agreement, but it won’t be enough on its own. 

To guarantee that you’ll get your deposit back, you’ll need to call in the pros for an ‘end of tenancy’ clean.

What is ‘end of tenancy’ cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is one of the most thorough cleaning services that you can book. 

With end of tenancy cleaning, your cleaning team will stay until the work is done, tackling appliances, moving furniture and cleaning inside cupboards. They’ll leave your home spotless and shiny, ensuring you get your security deposit returned in full and unscathed.

Unlike regular cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning takes place when residents have moved out of a property. The only belongings left at the property should be those that came with the tenancy. 

As items have been removed from the property prior to cleaning, the end of tenancy cleaning team can really get stuck in. Areas not covered by a regular clean will be completed to a 5-star standard. Inside cupboards and under furniture will be cleaned, as well as your oven, white goods and inside windows.

We base our end of tenancy tasks on an agency approved checklist. Here’s the full list of tasks included in an end of tenancy clean:

- Dusting & wiping all surfaces
- Cleaning inside cupboards
- Cleaning fridge/freezer and other white goods
- Inside window cleaning
- Oven cleaning
- Bathroom descaling
- Thorough cleaning of baths, toilets & showers
- Moving and cleaning beneath furniture
- Vacuuming all flooring
- Mopping all hard flooring

You can also request the following extra services if they’re required by your landlord:

- Carpet & upholstery cleaning
- External windows
- Outside areas
- Other specific requests from your landlord or estate agent

Do you ‘guarantee’ your end of tenancy cleans?

End of tenancy cleaning is a premium service, and the stakes are high. After all, failure to complete a thorough clean could cost you a decent chunk of your deposit.

Here at Housekeep we’ll send you a post-clean receipt that you can show your landlord or estate agent. This proves that you’ve booked a professional clean prior to moving out.

We’ll also ‘guarantee’ the clean for 72 hours. This means that any cleaning-related complaints can be rectified free-of-charge within 72 hours of your clean taking place. 

To make sure your clean is eligible for guarantee, it’s important that you book an end of tenancy clean within a couple of days of your move-out. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re fully moved out before the clean, as we can’t guarantee the clean if there are still people living at the property.

How does end of tenancy cleaning work?

With Housekeep, you can book end of tenancy cleaning in a few simple steps. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Finalise your move out date with your estate agent/landlord. 

You’ll need to book the clean for a date after everyone’s moved out, but before your inventory is set to take place.

2. Fill in our online quote form

Once you know your move out date, head here where we’ll ask a few quick questions about your home and availability.

3. View your quote

We’ll generate an instant price based on the tasks selected and the size of your home. Your request will also be sent through to a member of our deep cleaning team.

4. Schedule your clean with the team

The team will give you a call, to help schedule your clean and answer any questions that you have. We have cleaners on standby and plenty of availability - whether you’re looking to book in advance or at short notice, we’ll be able to help.

5. Pack up and move out

Pack up the property, making sure that all belongings are cleared (bar those that came with the rental).

6. Let your cleaners in

Your cleaning team will bring all the products and equipment required to deliver a 5-star, professional end of tenancy clean. They’ll work against an agency approved checklist and stay til the job’s done.

7. Finalise your move out with your landlord & estate agent

We’ll send you a post clean receipt you can show to your estate agent or landlord. Don’t worry though - the work will speak for itself.

8. Receive your security deposit back in full

You’ll meet the cleaning criteria to receive your security deposit back in full.

End of tenancy cleaning with Housekeep

With our simple, straightforward booking process, you can make cleaning a hassle-free part of the moving process.

With more than one million cleans under our belt, and an average rating of 4.9-stars, there really is no better choice for your end of tenancy cleaning needs.

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