Housekeeper of the Week: Glenda

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Housekeeper of the Week: Glenda

This week's Housekeeper of the Week is Glenda.

Glenda has been cleaning with Housekeep for over 2.5 years, cleaning in the Lee (SE12), Blackheath (SE3) & Eltham (SE9) areas of South East London.

Glenda is a model professional - she's on time, friendly and polite at every single clean. Her cleaning is also fantastic and very thorough, so we're not surprised that she has consistently held a perfect 5-star rating from her customers over the last couple of years.

Here's what Glenda's customers say about her work:

"Glenda always does a marvelous job! Super professional, friendly & efficient- can’t recommend her enough."    

"Thank you so much for today Glenda. We've had a very crazy few weeks dashing about and it was SO NICE to come home to a clean and tidy house this evening!"

"Glenda is thorough, precise and easy to communicate with. Great professional!"

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