How to get ready for an end of tenancy clean

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How to get ready for an end of tenancy clean

Getting an end of tenancy clean is an important part of moving house. It means that your property will be good-as-new when the next tenants move in, and ensures that you’ll get your security deposit back in full.

Once you’ve researched cleaning companies, gathered quotes and booked a clean, you might be left wondering how to prepare for your end of tenancy clean.

Fear not - we’ve created a handy step-by-step guide to help make sure you’re ready for your end of tenancy clean.

Double-check your tenancy agreement to confirm what needs to be done

When you check out of the property, it will need to be in the same condition as when you moved in, except for reasonable wear and tear. 

This means that if the external windows were cleaned, or the upholstery & carpets had been professionally steam-cleaned, you’ll need to do the same before you hand back the keys.

You should be able to find information about this in your tenancy agreement, or in the inventory you were provided with when you moved in.

Most cleaning companies won’t include carpet & upholstery cleaning or external windows as standard - if these tasks need to be completed, you should let the company know when you request a quote.

Arrange any repairs & replacements

Double-check the inventory that was provided when you moved into the property. If there's any repair work that needs to be completed or any replacements that need to be installed, this should be done before your clean takes place.

Repair work always creates mess, so arranging this after your end of tenancy could ruin your cleaners' hard work, and mean a re-clean is necessary. This won’t be covered in the guarantee provided by your cleaning company.

If there is any substantial building or renovation work happening before your clean, you must let your cleaning company know about this. After builders cleaning requires specialist equipment, due to the level of dust & dirt that’s often left behind. Your cleaning team will need to know about this in advance, to ensure they have the equipment & personnel to complete this work, and to confirm that it’s included in the price you’ve paid.

Pack up your belongings

It’s important that your home has been completely packed-up and emptied before you have an end of tenancy clean. As part of the service, your cleaners will need to clean inside drawers, cupboards & white goods, so these will all need to be completely empty.

The only items that should be left in the property are those that are being passed onto the next tenants, such as sofas, chairs & tables.

Confirm parking arrangements

Your end of tenancy cleaners will need to bring their own products & equipment to deliver a top-notch clean. This means that they’ll probably need somewhere to park.

You should make sure that you’ve arranged parking with your service provider in advance of their arrival. If you have a driveway or parking space on the street, make sure this is cleared before your cleaners arrive. This means that they can park up & get started right away.

If you don’t have your own parking space, you should advise your cleaners on where they can find a parking spot - the closer to your property, the better. If there’s no free parking, you may need to organise a visitor parking permit, or agree who will cover the cost of any parking metre charges.

Decide on an access method

It’s best to arrange an end of tenancy clean as close to your inspection as possible, and it should always be after you’ve moved out. This ensures that your cleaners can complete the most thorough job possible, and means that you’ll be covered by any ‘guarantee’ the cleaning company provides.

With everyone packed-up and moved out, you'll need to think about how your cleaners will access the property.

You could arrange for someone to be at the property to let your cleaners in. Or, If your estate agent’s office is close to the property, you could ask your cleaners if they can collect the keys from the branch.

If you have a concierge, key safe, or a secure location where you can hide the key, these may provide further options for your cleaning team.

Whichever method you go for, just make sure to communicate this to your cleaners clearly, and well in advance of the clean. This will ensure there’s no confusion around access on the day.

After the clean, you can ask your cleaners to put the key back where they got it, or they could post it through the letterbox.

How to book an end of tenancy clean

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