This week best cleaners: Finsbury Park

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This week best cleaners: Finsbury Park

With hundreds of 5-star ratings between them and excellent reliability records, here are this week's best cleaners in Finsbury Park. 


Cleans in: Finsbury Park (N4) | Archway (N19) 

Key attributes: Maame is a super thorough and conscientious cleaner, always following any instructions their customers leave for them to the T. 

Our favourite review: “Maame is an excellent cleaner, very thorough and good at following any instructions we leave for bespoke cleans. Thank you Maame!”


Cleans in: Finsbury Park (N7) |  Archway (N19) 

Key attributes: Susan is a cleaning connoisseur, leaving their customers floors gleaming and surfaces sparkling.  

Our favourite review: “Absolute pro. My floors are gleaming, she did SUCH a thorough job, I'm so grateful for such a clean home!!”


Cleans in: Finsbury Park (N7) | Archway (N19) 

Key attributes: David is a thorough and detail-oriented cleaner. They are committed to achieving flawless results and are highly recommended by their customers. 

Our favourite review: “David was very thorough, conscientious and efficient would definitely recommend.”


Cleans in: Finsbury Park (N7) | Archway (N19) 

Key attributes: Jeannetteo is friendly, cheerful, and always brings positive energy to their cleans. They are a true cleaning professional, with a knack for getting things spotless. 

Our favourite review: “It's a joy to have Jeannetteo around and she really knows here job (and enjoys it!) - she is very thorough and proud of her work, and so she should be (it's far better than I could manage even if i spent all week doing it!)”


Cleans in: Finsbury Park (N4)

Key attributes: Kerri is a super-friendly cleaner. They leave their customers with spotless surfaces and magically mopped floors. 

Our favourite review: “Great, left the flat sparkling clean, highly recommend! Kerri is also very friendly, thank you!”

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