How to clean a bedroom

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How to clean a bedroom


  • Surface cleaner

  • Microfibre cloths 

  • Floor cleaner (if applicable)

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Mop (depending on the floor)


  • First, it’s tidy time. Return any stray belongings to their rightful place, if immediately apparent. If you’re cleaning for somebody else, be careful here - the bedroom is often the most intimate room in someone’s home, so do not open any closed drawers or cupboards unless expressly instructed to. There may be clothes on the floor in the bedroom. If so, pick these up and place them on the bed while you clean. If the clothes are clean, fold these neatly and place them on a clear surface, such as a chair.

  • Dust, starting high and finishing low. Light switches, high shelves and picture frames should all be done first, working your way down to waist-height surfaces. If using a long-handled duster for the corners or ceilings of rooms then, of course, start with this.

  • Wipe surfaces. A clean microfibre and surface cleaner should suffice for this. Where possible, try to lift and wipe under possessions on the side, rather than just around items. 

    In certain situations, such as a make-up dresser with lots of products this can be hard, but try your best to be as thorough as possible.

  • Next, make the bed. If you’re cleaning for yourself then you’ll know whether or not the sheets need changing; if you’re cleaning for someone else, general etiquette is that clean sheets be left folded on the bed if they’re going to be changed. You should always make the bed though, even if the sheets don’t need changing.

    Even if cleaning for yourself, it’s important to take care with this stage. Aesthetically the bed usually takes centre stage in the bedroom so make it pretty, and don’t forget to plump those pillows!

  • Before you can tackle any floors, make sure to empty any bins or waste-paper baskets in the bedroom and place with the other rubbish.

  • Next up, the floors.


    Lots of bedroom floors are carpeted, so will only need a vacuum. Taking care to cover the whole room and reach into the corners, work methodically left to right, back to front. Any rugs can be vacuumed over, but should also be lifted and cleaned beneath.


    More detailed information on how to vacuum, can be found here.

  • If the floor isn’t carpeted, and requires mopping too, use the appropriate product in a bucket with warm water and work again back to front. You can then wring the mop head and go over with a dry mop, too. As with all rooms in the house, dispose of the mop water down a shower drain or toilet.


    You can find more detailed instructions on mopping here.

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