How to clean a bath

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How to clean a bath


  • Bathroom spray

  • Limescale remover

  • Soft cloths, such as microfibres


  • It’s important that you give the bath a thorough clean regularly. Due to London’s hard water, limescale can become a problem- not to mention the debris that can stick to the sides and plugholes of the bath!

  • Start by ensuring that the plug hole is cleared and empty any debris collected into the bathroom bin.

  • If the shower head is detachable, remove this and spray down the sides to wash away anything stuck to the sides. If there’s no shower head you can detach, run the bath and wet a microfibre cloth with warm water. Use this cloth to wipe anything stuck to the side of the bath. Make sure to rinse off the cloth between wipes to ensure that you’re not just moving dirt around.

  • Replace the shower head and spray a bathroom cleaner around the edges of the bath. Use a soft cloth to wipe the whole bathtub, and rinse away with the shower a damp cloth.

  • You may also wish to spray a limescale remover too, if there is a buildup around the sides or base of the bathtub.

  • Similarly, if  limescale is present on the plug hole or sides of the bath, this will need attention. Spray limescale remover directly over the affected area and leave for a few minutes. Remove with a damp cloth and rinse with water if necessary*

*Limescale removers can cause damage to sensitive surface. Always read the packaging and ensure that you don’t spray this anywhere near areas that may be affected.


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