How to clean a bathtub

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How to clean a bathtub


  • Bathroom cleaning spray

  • Limescale remover spray

  • Soft cloths (we recommend microfibre cloths)


  • Begin by removing any shampoo or shower gel bottles resting on the edge of the bathtub. Using a clean, damp microfibre cloth, wipe around the edge of the bathtub, removing any rings or spillages from the bottles. Use a multi-surface or bathroom cleaning spray to help remove any stubborn marks.

  • Next, wipe down the bath taps. Spray a small amount of multi-surface or bathroom cleaner on the taps, before wiping away with your damp cloth. Then buff dry with a clean dry microfibre for a sparkling finish.

  • Next, clear the plughole of any hair or other debris, and put this in the bin.

  • If the shower head is detachable, remove this and spray down the sides of the bath to wash away anything stuck there. If you can't use the shower, Use a damp microfibre cloth. You'll need to clear anything stuck to the side of the bath. Make sure to rinse the cloth between wipes to ensure that you’re not just moving dirt around.

  • Spray a bathroom cleaning product around the edges and base of the bath. Use your damp cloth to wipe out the whole bathtub, and rinse away any leftover product with the shower or a damp cloth.

  • If there's a buildup of limescale around the sides or base of the bathtub, you can use a limescale remover like Viakal too.* Just spray the product directly onto the affected area, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then rinse off with a clean cloth. Buff with a dry cloth to leave a sparkling finish.

  • Top tip: check the plug hole and taps for limescale too. If there's limescale there, remove using the same process.

  • Rinse the outside of the shampoo & product bottles in the bathroom sink and place them back neatly where you found them.

*Remember that limescale products are strong & can cause damage to sensitive surfaces like marble. You can find our full guide for safely removing limescale here.

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