How to remove limescale

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How to remove limescale


  • Clean microfibre cloth

  • Limescale remover spray


N.B - Some limescale products are really quite strong and not suitable for all surfaces - do not use any spray products on areas where they could drip or splash onto sensitive surfaces, such as natural stone or marble. All limescale removers will have a list of unsuitable surfaces on their label, so make sure you read this before you begin.

  • The first step to removing limescale is choosing a suitable product that can cut through stubborn limescale. 

  • Please note, limescale is often not removed in a single session, and it may take a few goes before you see limescale completely removed.

  • Firstly, spray limescale remover (such as viakal) directly onto the affected surface and leave for a minute or two, as per pack instructions. For stubborn, caked-on limescale, you may want to wait up to 5 minutes for maximum effect

  • Wipe off the limescale remover with a damp cloth. Make sure that you wash away all of the residual product with warm water or soap afterwards, and then buff dry for a 5-star finish.

  • For stubborn limescale, you may have to repeat the above process several times.

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