How to clean a hob

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How to clean a hob


  • Soft cloth, such as a microfibre

  • Non abrasive kitchen cleaner

  • Washing up liquid


How you clean the stove will depend on the type of stove you’re working with - for example, a gas stove and an induction hob will be cleaned with different methods.

For gas hobs, remove the metal covers and clean these with kitchen cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth in the sink. You may also want to carefully remove the gas rings and clean these in the sink. 

Spray a stove-safe kitchen cleaner across the stovetop, ensuring that the corners are reached and rinse with a damp cloth. Buff with a dry cloth to ensure a perfect, streak-free finish.

Reassemble the the stovetop.

For electric or induction hobs the process should be simpler, and these often just need to be sprayed with a kitchen cleaning product and rinsed and buffed with a clean cloth.

Some hobs have a lid which need to be wiped down on both sides too - do this prior to cleaning the hobtop to avoid cleaning onto a clean hob!

For all hobs ensure that you're also wiping down any knobs and buttons, as well as wiping the surface immediately behind the stovetop, as this is often splattered by oil and sauce!

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