Cleaning indoor windows

Cleaning indoor windows

What you’ll need:

  • Glass/window spray 

  • Soft cloths, ideally microfibre


  1. Dust and wipe the window frames with a dry cloth, starting at the top, and working your way down. You will also want to dust the windowsill, and you may want to use a little multi-surface spray here, if you think it’s required.

  2. Next, spray a small quantity of glass cleaner onto each of the window panes, starting at the top. Be careful to not apply too much product - 1-2 squirts per panel should be fine, although adjust depending on the size of the window.

  3. Using a dry microfibre, wipe left-to-right, top-to-bottom on each panel to buff out the product. Ensure that all corners are reached to ensure that the windows have a perfect streak-free appearance.

  4. Work around the room clockwise, repeating the above steps with each window.