How to clean a microwave

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How to clean a microwave


  • Microwavable bowl

  • White vinegar & a wedge of lemon (optional)

  • Microfibre cloth

  • Tea towel for removing the hot bowl


  • Fill a microwavable bowl halfway with warm water.

  • If there are stubborn marks in the microwave, you can also add a splash of white vinegar. To ensure that your kitchen smells like fresh lemons - and not vinegar - place a wedge of lemon or splash of lemon juice in there too.

  • Place the bowl in the microwave and blast on full power for 3 minutes, or until the window is steamed.

  • Being super careful of the hot bowl, remove this from the microwave and discard of the contents  in the sink and bin, respectively.

  • Using a clean and slightly damp microfibre, wipe out the inside, reaching the sides top and inside of the door.

  • While you leave the microwave to air dry, the turntable plate should be removed and washed up as standard in the kitchen sink. Don’t forget to ensure that underneath the plate is also wiped clean once removed.

  • Dry the turntable with a tea towel and place back inside.

  • Wipe the sides, top and front of the microwave with a microfibre and a small quantity of multi-surface spray to finish.

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