Housekeep recommends: 8 great cleaning products

Housekeep recommends: 8 great cleaning products

  "What are the best cleaning products?"

We're asked this all the time, mostly by customers who are keen to know how they can best equip their Housekeepers for the job! The team here were recently chatting about this and we thought we'd share with you the products that we've come to know and love.

Without further ado, let's crack on:

  1. Viakal - Viakal is the king of cleaning products; an absolute lifesaver, and an essential in every cleaner's rucksack. We've all wrestled with limescale at one time or another and know what a pain it can be. This stuff will cut through it no problem, and can restore your scaley taps to their former glory in no time at all. Viakal manufacturer P&G has also recently declared that 85% of their production plants produce zero landfill - it's always great to hear that the products you love are sustainable and environment-conscious. This one's also really easy to find and is available in all good supermarkets.
  2. Ecover toilet cleaner - We've got a rule here at Housekeep - NO BLEACH. Bleach may have its uses, but it can easily cause damage and can even prove dangerous if you're over-exposed. We don't think it's worth the risk. Ecover offer a great toilet cleaner that smells fresh rather than chemically, and cleans your toilet in no time at all - all without bleach! We mention this brand a couple of times in our person and pet friendly post too, as we just can't get enough of their products. If you're keen to learn more about ecover, check out their whole range here, and make sure to look out for these when you're next shopping!
  3. method washing-up liquid - In their distinctively-shaped bottles, this one's a bit of a head-turner and really out on the shelf. We think the cucumber-scented washing- up liquid, in particular, is an absolute revelation, and offers a welcome change to the scents we're used to while doing the dishes. Deliberately designed to fight tough grease, this product packs a real punch, despite the elegant appearance. An all-round winner.
  4. Ozzie Ostrich Feather Duster - When fully extended, this duster comes in at a whopping 119 cm thanks to the retractable handle. It's worth remembering that your Housekeeper can't stand on chairs or ladders when cleaning, so if you want those light fittings, room corners and ceilings dust-free then this is a no-brainer. The price is also very reasonable, with this duster costing little more than a tenner! Bargain!
  5. Unger Microfibre - Most people are now aware of the benefits of cleaning with microfibre, and have long banished disposable anti-bac wipes from their homes. Within these ingenious cloths, the weave consists of thousands upon thousands of fibres, each with a width thinner than a human hair's. Whether you are using these wet or dry, they are the absolute go-to cleaning product. We love the Unger cloth as its 40cm by 40cm, which comes in larger than most that you see on the shelves. Furthermore, with a different texture on both sides these cloths are well-and-truly multi-purpose. If you're still using eco-unfriendly wipes then make sure to pick up a couple of these and get rid of those anti-bac wipes once and for all! Available in two sizes, here
  6. Vanish Gold - Another supermarket staple, Vanish products are often worth their weight Available in powder or aerosal form, Vanish Gold works wonders on the carpets and upholstery in your house, restoring them to their former glory! You'd be surprised what a difference a vibrant carpet can make to the whole look of a room - grab one of these on your next shop and you can thank us later.
  7. Cif Cream - An effective and versatile all-rounder, we feel that a bottle of Cif Cream belongs in every cleaning cupboard. With a huge variety of uses - both in the bathroom and the kitchen - Cif's cream is tough on dirt and muck, while protecting surfaces that are delicate. Perhaps surprisingly, this cream is actually strong enough to clean inside your oven, and does a great job at working off stubborn residue from the oven walls! This effectiveness is largely down to the microparticle technology, which makes this cream an efficient cleaner without the need for excessive abbrasion!
  8. e-cloth Deep Clean Mop - Wait, what? Mopping with just water? Surely not - it sounds like a recipe for a germ-infested floor, right? Wrong. The e-cloth Deep Clean Mop has changed the rules of cleaning forever with a simple combination of fibers and water. Furthermore, the mop is versatile, and can be used both wet and dry to different effect, with an instant streak-free finish. Due to a nifty telescopic handle, the e-cloth stores away much smaller than a conventional mop and bucket and means that you no longer need to keep a stinky mop in the cupboard under the stairs! Result!

These are just a few of our current favourite products - we've also looked previously at the best homemade cleaning products, as well as the best person and pet friendly products, so be sure to check those lists out if you still need some inspiration!

Of course, if you'd rather not have the hassle of shopping for cleaning products for your next clean, why not ask your Housekeeper to bring these for just £5? You can add this to your next clean instantly through the Future cleans page of your online account.