15 Person, Pet and Planet-Friendly Cleaning Products You Need

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15 Person, Pet and Planet-Friendly Cleaning Products You Need

We get asked all the time for cleaning product recommendations, so with the help of our expert Housekeepers we’ve created this handy guide. There are now lots of great alternatives to chemical-based cleaners, so all of our recommendations are person, pet and planet-friendly.


1) Bathroom Cleaner

Method use natural ingredients to create chemical-free cleaning products that actually work! This one smells great, and will lift the stains right off that shower screen:



2) Bin Bags

We like our bin bags strong, with handles. Something that won't disintegrate when you overfill the bin again, and will at least make the foxes work for their dinner. These bags from B&Q are pretty sturdy:



3) Duster

It's hard to get excited about cleaning products, especially dusters. But somehow, Oxo got the Housekeep team all giddy with their range of home accessories. Nothing feels over-engineered, and we love the retro, minimal aesthetic. This duster does the business, plus it's machine washable, so you can save the planet one cobweb at a time:


Alternatively, transform your aimlessly crawling baby into a cleaning machine:



4) Toilet Brush

Sticking with Oxo, they also prodce a pretty neat toilet brush, with a hygenic holder that opens and closes without you having to put your hands anywhere near it:



5) Toilet Cleaner

Method make a great bleach-free toilet cleaner that will leave your bowl smelling minty-fresh:


We also recommend reducing limescale build-up by dropping an Ecozone ‘Magnaloo’ into your toilet cistern once every few years:



6) Floor Cleaner

Continuing the Method love-in, their ‘Squirt + Mop’ floor cleaners are great. Method reckon your floors will smell so good you’ll practically want to eat from them. There's an almond-scented wood floor cleaner and a lemon ginger fragranced version for hard floors. Say goodbye to the 5-second rule:



7) Kitchen Cleaner

Just in case you were starting to think we’d been sponsored by Method (who do have a great kitchen cleaner), Ecover also have a fantastic range of eco-friendly cleaning products, that actually clean things:



8) Glass Cleaner

White vinegar is a natural and pretty effective solution for cleaning windows, mirrors and glass. It’s also good for removing stains on upholstery and fabric. Dri-Pak sell it in a spray bottle. You can pick one up from Big Green Smile:



9) Laundry Detergent

Ecozone’s ‘Soap Nuts’ (also known as 'Soap Berries' and 'Indian Wash Nuts'), are a completely natural alternative to laundry detergent.

If that’s a bit too 'out-there', Ecozone also produce a range of non-biological laundry liquids that are tough on dirt, but kinder to the environment, being free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives:



10) Limescale Remover

Ecover's Limescale Remover does what it says on the tin, and will get your taps, tiles and sinks limescale-free:



11) Microfibre Cloths

We love E-Cloths. They promise to clean your home without the need for additional cleaning products. For the best results, we recommend using E-Cloths with a little product. Another great feature is the colour-coding, so you won't end up cleaning your kitchen worktops with the same cloth you just used in the bathroom:



12) Rubber Gloves

We like our gloves to slip on and off easily, be latex-free (6% of the UK population have an allergy), and thick enough to prevent you scalding your hands, while being thin enough to fish out that spoon you just dropped.

True Blue gloves are sturdy, latex-free and cotton-lined. They’re also machine washable, thus more sustainable than disposables:



13) Sponges

A top sponge needs a smooth side that won’t exfoliate your frying pan, and a rough side for when you overdo your eggs. It also needs to dry quickly and rinse clean, so it’s not too much of a bacteria-haven when you keep it waaay longer than you should…

The non-scratch O Cedar ‘Scrunge Scrubber Sponge’ is endorsed by Teflon no-less, so your non-stick pans can breathe a sigh of relief:



14) Washing Up Liquid

There are lots of great ecological washing-up liquids out there, but our favourite is Method’s – it’s available in a million fragrances like cucumber and pomegranate, and unlike a lot of the alternatives - it’s vegan-friendly (because crazily, there are animal by-products in all sorts of cleaning products):



15) Special Surface Cleaners

If you have granite worktops or a stainless steel surface you’d like to stay stainless, Method’s speciality granite/stainless steel cleaners are pretty good in our experience:


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