How often should you book a deep clean?

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How often should you book a deep clean?

It’s a well-known fact that, from time to time, every home needs a little loving. Here at Housekeep, we strongly believe that a deep clean is the perfect way to show your home some TLC.

After all, a deep clean can make your home feel like a brand new space; think sparkling clean windows, spotless sides, and skirting boards you’d be happy to run your finger along.

If you have a sensible regular cleaning routine then you shouldn’t need to have your home deep cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis. That would be overkill.

So, that begs the question - just how often should you be having a deep clean?

How often should you book a deep clean?


We usually recommend that customers book in a deep clean 2-3 times a year. 

This will, of course, vary from property to property, and how frequently you should deep clean depends upon a number of factors. The number of residents, whether or not you have pets, and your general level of cleanliness are a few factors that might impact how often you need a deep clean. 

It’s worth mentioning that you can minimise the need for deep cleaning by having a disciplined, regular cleaning routine, but you’ll never eliminate the need entirely.

Does this mean that the beloved tradition of spring cleaning is dead?

Well not entirely, no. 

A spring clean is still a great idea - but don’t let the tradition of spring cleaning become a justification for deep cleaning your house just once a year.

What does deep cleaning actually mean?


Deep cleaning is essentially just a thorough clean of your home, with extra attention paid to areas that don’t receive regular cleaning. This might include removing limescale, cleaning inside your oven, or giving your windows a really good once-over.

As part of our deep cleaning service, we complete the following tasks:

- Cleaning of all accessible surfaces
- Disinfection of high traffic and high touch surfaces
- Standard oven cleaning
- Bathroom descaling
- Upholstery vacuumed
- All flooring vacuumed
- Hard flooring mopped
- Inside window cleaning

In addition to the above tasks, there are a number of extra services that can be booked as part of a deep clean:

- Carpet & upholstery cleaning
- Clean inside fridge/freezer
- Clean inside cupboards
- Outdoor area cleaning

If you’re completing a deep clean yourself, we’d recommend you follow the same task list as above to ensure your home is thoroughly deep cleaned.

When is the best time to get a deep clean?


Now that you’re clear on what’s included in a deep clean, and how frequently you should be having one, you’re probably wondering when is best to book in.

There are a few telltale signs that it’s time to book in a deep clean. Obvious signs might include dirty windows, heavy limescale deposits and a dirty oven. 

There are some more specific occasions you may look to get a deep clean booked in, for example:

- Before or after having guests to stay
- When a new roommate moves in
- After building work or renovation (in this case, you’d want to book an 'after builders' clean)
- At the end of your tenancy (you’d want to book an ‘end of tenancy’ clean in this case)
- When selling your property (see our page on ‘move out cleaning’ for more info on this)

So, you need a deep clean. But how do you book one?

How to book a deep clean with Housekeep


Booking a deep clean with Housekeep is really straightforward.

You can get an instant quote by filling out our online quote form.

A member of our deep cleaning team will then give you a call to answer any questions you have and help get you booked in.

That’s all the hard work done. From there, you’ll just need to let your cleaners in at the agreed time. 

We’ll thoroughly deep clean your home, moving ingrained dirt and descaling your kitchen and bathroom. If requested, we can also complete a deep oven clean, carpet or upholstery cleaning, antiviral sanitisation or outdoor area cleaning.

Find out more about our deep cleaning service, here.


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