Domestic cleaners can work in Tier 3

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Domestic cleaners can work in Tier 3

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The government has confirmed that domestic cleaners can work in Tier 3 restrictions.

All areas of England are currently in local COVID alert tiers, which each come with their own restrictions. Most of the country is in Tier 2, the ‘high’ risk category, or Tier 3, the ‘very high’ risk category. Here in London, we’re currently under Tier 3 restrictions.

But how do these COVID alert levels affect home cleaning? Which local alert levels are domestic cleaners allowed to work in? Is home cleaning even allowed at the moment?

The government has confirmed home cleaners are allowed to work in all 'COVID alert' levels, including 'high' and 'very high'. They’ve introduced a few extra rules around social distancing while working in other people’s homes, to ensure that cleaning can go ahead safely. 

“But I thought I couldn’t have people over in Tier 3?”

Under Tier 3 restrictions, you’re not allowed to socialise indoors with people from other households, unless you’re part of a ‘support bubble’. This means your friends & family can’t come to your house for a social visit.

The ‘rule of six’ is still applicable, but only if you’re socialising outside.

But the rules on work in other people’s homes are different to the rules for socialising. Under these rules, cleaners, nannies & tradespeople are allowed to work, provided that they - and their customers - are not showing COVID symptoms, and haven’t been asked to self-isolate.

“How come my cleaner can come over, but my friends & family can’t?”

The government has banned indoor social mixing of households in Tier 3 local restrictions, but cleaners, nannies & tradespeople can still attend work in other people’s homes. There are strict rules on social distancing that don’t prevent a cleaner from coming over to your house, but do mean that a social visit isn’t able to go ahead.

We’re recommending that customers & cleaners avoid any physical greetings, and that customers stay in a separate room while their cleaner is working. Some of our customers are even using their cleaner’s visit as an excuse to leave the house, take a stroll and get some fresh air - after all, unlimited outdoor exercise is permitted in all COVID alert levels.

“Can my cleaner come over if I’m unwell or self-isolating?”

No - if either the cleaner or the customer have any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), or have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, then the cleaning must be skipped.

“Is it safe to have a cleaner at the moment?”

The government has drawn up a list of rules for work in other people’s homes. This means that visits by domestic cleaners, nannies, tradespeople & other workers can go ahead.

We’re going above and beyond government guidance to ensure that cleaning is as safe as possible during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

We’ve introduced enhanced cleaning & hygiene procedures, and we’re taking all the steps we can to ensure that social distancing is maintained during cleans. 

Some of our new measures include:

- Increased frequency of handwashing - before, during & after every clean
- Providing Housekeepers with PPE, free-of-charge
- Helping cleaners find work close-to-home, so they don’t have to use public transport
- Advising windows are kept open throughout cleans, to increase ventilation
- Asking customers to stay in another room while their cleaner works
- Avoiding physical greetings, like hugs & handshakes
- Using cleaning products that ‘kill 99.9% of germs’
- Paying special attention to ‘high touch’ surfaces, such as door handles & light switches

We’ve also drawn up an extensive coronavirus risk assessment, which we’ve shared with customers & cleaners.

“Which services are you currently offering?”

Here at Housekeep, we’re offering a wide range of domestic cleaning & commercial cleaning services.

As well as recurring weekly & fortnightly cleans, we’ve also got cleaners available to help with deep cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning and antiviral sanitisation.

If you have any questions about cleaning services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, or you’d like a hand getting booked in, please do contact us here.

“Where can I read more about cleaners working during the coronavirus (COVID) outbreak?”

There’s been lots of recent press coverage confirming that cleaning work is allowed under ‘lockdown’ rules & local COVID alert levels.

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