Cleaning stainless steel

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Cleaning stainless steel


  • Water or water & white vinegar equal part solution

  • Clean microfibre cloths

  • Olive oil, to shine


  • Gauge the severity of the smudges and marks on your stainless steel. If they look light, you will be able to proceed with just water as your cleaning product. If the marks look tough, make up a solution of white vinegar and water in equal measure.

  • Lightly dampen a clean microfibre with your water or water/vinegar solution.

  • Wipe over your stainless steel surface, working with the grain. Don’t forget to work your way right into the corners to ensure that no areas are missed.

  • Use the flip side of your microfibre, or a new dry microbre cloth, and repeat your motion over the surface. This should buff the surface, lifting any marks that were previously there.

  • Every so often, you may want to replenish the shine on your appliances. To do this, apply a small quantity of olive oil to a clean cloth and wipe over, as above. Repeat with a dry microfibre once more to buff the surface.

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