Friday's Inspiration: The Simplicity & Elegance of a White Russian

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Friday's Inspiration: The Simplicity & Elegance of a White Russian

Whilst we're super happy it's Friday, it's a sombre mood in the office today as we reach the final day of the week, and consequently - the final day of our London Cocktail Week blog series.

It's the end of the week so there is no excuse not to head out into the beautiful city of London that we're lucky enough to call home. The sun is shining (for now) and we're recommending you visit our friends over at City Social - where you'll find an art deco inspired paradise!


Our favourite cocktail for a fun Friday: White Russian 

Where to head tonight: City Social 


Recipe for 8 cocktails 

You will need...

  • 16oz of Vodka 
  • 8oz of Coffee Liqueur
  • Light Cream

How to ... 

  • Pour coffee liqueur and vodka over ice. 
  • Fill to the brim with light cream.

How to create a simple & elegant feel, like a White Russian


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