How to Find Your Perfect Home Cleaner in London

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How to Find Your Perfect Home Cleaner in London

As a Londoner, you probably work hard and spend most of your time out of the house. So when you finish a long day of work, you want to come back to a clean home and relax. But how can can you stay on-top of the cleaning when there are so many better things to do?!

Increasing availability of good quality cleaners means you don't have to. So leave those dirty dishes and find yourself an experienced, reliable and trustworthy cleaner. It's easier than ever. Here's how to find one:


Ask a friend

Recommendations from your friends are a great way of getting a cleaner that has experience and is trustworthy, two very important factors to consider.

However, it is often the case that cleaners only work in specific areas of London - so whilst they may work at your friend's house, they may not be willing to come to yours. Self-employed cleaners who do not work for a company also expect cash to be left out for them, which is not always ideal, and is easy to forget.


Local ads (newspaper/shop window)

It may seem a bit outdated, but you can still find cleaners in the ad section of your local rag, or in the shop window of your local newsagents. These are good places to look if you want to find a cleaner in your area.

However, there is again the problem with leaving cash out for your cleaner before the visit takes place. Problems can also arise when your cleaner decides to go on holiday, and you don’t have anyone to replace her for that long summer break.

The big problem with finding cleaners this way is trust - cleaners who work for themselves haven’t always had the security checks that we believe are key.



The home cleaning market is being cleaned up by a handful of companies including Housekeep who are using technology to match highly-rated, independant cleaners to customers in their local area. 

Customers pay a small premium, but there's a host of benefits:

For one, you don’t have to pay in cash. All payments occur online, and at Housekeep you do not have any money taken from your account until after the clean takes place. This means you know you have a sparkling house before you pay.

These companies also do all the security checks and interviews necessary to ensure your cleaner is reliable and trustworthy. The interviews also ensure all cleaners are trained to the same standard.

You will also find, that instead of waiting around for your cleaner to come back with a tan during summer, you can request replacement cover for the holiday period if you want, and similarly, you can easily skip visits whilst you’re away.

Finding your perfect cleaner couldn't be easier now. Our tip is to find your perfect cleaner online!

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